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Echoes reverberate, of those love chimes,  Throbbing loud voices in heart.......

Thirst in the eyes, hushes a silence note, finds solace on lips.

Life is but a sweet outcome, of umpteen pain, Love thy gain.

The Other Lady

To share Thoughts, passion Knowledge, beliefs Views, opinions
To learn, Books to authors Science to philosophy Religion to culture
To discuss, Fashion or cars Hobbies or movies Art or paints
Yapping to arguing like best friends for life
She's the other lady in my man's life My daughter who is 9!
P.S.- Inspired by the dad-daughter bonding, here goes my heart in words. Call it a poem.

A Week At Ravan's Place. Exploring Sri Lanka.

With Qatar Airways flight swooping down the Sri Lanka land, my nose was stuck on the window that I wish I could open. Slide Show of loads of pictures in my mind about the Lanka and Lankans ticked on. With all enthusiasm if I could trace out one relative of Lord Ravana anywhere so I could take a autograph , and a photograph to post on Face Book. So off we go to Colombo. 

You do not need prior visa to fly there. Visa upon arrival was what perhaps even Seetha Matha was offered then. Now that the visa matter cropped up, please do not question me how Lord Hanumaan flew across the ocean with no coastal guards noticing. Whatever, let me tell you, molting off my bhramin avtaar I relished some fish cuisine on board the business class can offer you. If you allowed my better half to poke fun he cant stop repeating how I asked for second helping of Irish Coffee just before landing at Colombo that turned me into a court jester of the day on board. 
As we sped past the longish walkway towards exit of…