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Year and Again

Along with my blog birthday falls the birthday of my darling hubby. In the  best of my moods, I would workout beautiful beach picnic as his birthday surprise. But the very thought of how he yanks at the other end of the blanket and rolls over it, leaves an angry me. With crossed eyebrows, I decide how we have spent enough last holiday and will not celebrate big birthdays. Soon, the times change. "You are tired dear, don't do so much of running around for chores" when he says, I melt again and the B'Day plans start ringing in my mind. All is well that ends well and yes I do surprise him each year.  

In the perseverance of your identity, you rock and roll. Entire life takes a toll. In the process we do and overdo actions, and at times not do all those things that we want to , don't want to and so on. When these rants sound really absurd, we realize that we have matured enough to gulp in a tough dose of the "life's philosophy". Year and again, we all gr…


A silent storm, was your invasion,
and petals of life
blossomed into flower, in my little heart.

The mark of your presence glows glimpses, flickers of life. Moments of faith, tangled in my little heart.

A hungry soul you tickled,
Rhythmic cadence, you sang, Scent of aura you kindled, in my little heart.

Blinded by life Unstoppable returns you mark, like wave. Never to leave, Roar & live, Billowing, in my little heart.
Unconditional relation of two souls. FRIEND. Your eternal life .... in my little heart.
Friendship - An unconditional relation between two souls. An magic that makes life worth.

A Name to Honour - I Am A Gulfi.

Dear readers: This  referrers to the year 2006 as we bid adieu to India and flew to Qatar finding our bread after the oil here. From the garden city Bangalore to the desert of Qatar.
It was that red winged Gulf Airlines that I flew on from the Garden City of  India to this Desert called Doha, my home for past 7 years.  Only off late I have stopped abusing the airlines that delayed the take off by more than an hour, in  turn logged me in mess of missing my transit flight to Doha. A frenzy 24 hours in two other gulf states, courtesy airlines, with my toddler, feeding her whatsoever available in the airports, finally landed in Doha Airport in the middle of winter February night. The real part of new me in new place began in black and white.
After a hustle bustle of so called journey, the arrival in Doha International Airport even today sends in that very air in me. I can stand there blinking at the very sight that went blur to my sight that day, with same propensity even  now. People weren…

Life's True Mime

Strong like Banyan
Deep like Ocean Beckoning two arms Rising heart’s alarms
Surrender in there Love in air Head on them, did rest Heavy, with thoughts best
Enchanting, magnetic, moment Those arms into she went Life’s agony on a vent Life it meant.
Messenger of love Imitating the feathery dove Those arms checked her in Breath held, raised chin
Faint smile, her ornament Temptation to gulp the moment Possessive embrace ….face to face
Clock ticks on Moment to stick on A Time Life’s true Mime

Twelve, struck the clock …...she fled, off her time lock Into her world of cinders Ella, dreams yet of wonders.
P.S. This poem sure seems romantic, nice. Sure has Cinderella as example. Who does not want to be a Cinderella, awaiting her prince charming? Yet, it's not rare to read about young brides bleeding to death these days, in news. They do not live to dream like Cinderella perhaps...........
Ref:  1.…


Echoes reverberate, of those love chimes,  Throbbing loud voices in heart.......

Thirst in the eyes, hushes a silence note, finds solace on lips.

Life is but a sweet outcome, of umpteen pain, Love thy gain.

The Other Lady

To share Thoughts, passion Knowledge, beliefs Views, opinions
To learn, Books to authors Science to philosophy Religion to culture
To discuss, Fashion or cars Hobbies or movies Art or paints
Yapping to arguing like best friends for life
She's the other lady in my man's life My daughter who is 9!
P.S.- Inspired by the dad-daughter bonding, here goes my heart in words. Call it a poem.

A Week At Ravan's Place. Exploring Sri Lanka.

With Qatar Airways flight swooping down the Sri Lanka land, my nose was stuck on the window that I wish I could open. Slide Show of loads of pictures in my mind about the Lanka and Lankans ticked on. With all enthusiasm if I could trace out one relative of Lord Ravana anywhere so I could take a autograph , and a photograph to post on Face Book. So off we go to Colombo. 

You do not need prior visa to fly there. Visa upon arrival was what perhaps even Seetha Matha was offered then. Now that the visa matter cropped up, please do not question me how Lord Hanumaan flew across the ocean with no coastal guards noticing. Whatever, let me tell you, molting off my bhramin avtaar I relished some fish cuisine on board the business class can offer you. If you allowed my better half to poke fun he cant stop repeating how I asked for second helping of Irish Coffee just before landing at Colombo that turned me into a court jester of the day on board. 
As we sped past the longish walkway towards exit of…

Calm Chaos

Dancing in the sky, singing aloud,
Two little fellas, they were a cloud. Hands clasped, a knot, every breath kissed, missed not. Till a monster beckoned, thunder of thoughts feared. Heart whispered, in vain  in the ears of the brain, Stop. Hold tight, Storm awaited, caught sight.
Yet, happy clouds strayed, in turmoil,
they showered down beneath, on thirsty soil,
their bones broken, by stormy wrestler,
they withered, like a tiny frisky flower.
Lover clouds no more,
Killed by welcome rain, human adore, Alas, clouds that forgot to whisper a good bye to one another, Bid good bye to their existence, sigh! -------------- CHEERS,