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That M Factor

"Without a motive we were unborn, yet for the sperms or eggs" - Self Quote. ________________________________________________________________ People do things for their own different reasons, and not yours. We could understand this with a story illustrated by a farmer, when he and his son had tough time getting their calf back into the barn. As they were scared about giving up, a little girl passed by. All she did was put her little finger in its mouth for it to suck and the calf promptly followed her to the barn.  There is ONLY "Self Motivation".  One can not Motivate another. If I could throw my 2 cents of experience I would dare to bet there is only something called "Inspiration" that we could do and the motivation for action then rests on the shoulders of the sole person who would perhaps act in the course.
Shiv Khera appropriately explains above theory in this book "You Can Win". All I point from this is to do a small daily chore we need to have …