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World in Palm

This article won a award at "Internet is Fun" blogging contest conducted by Indiblogger and Vodafone.

This is no commercial for Apple I Phone or for Vodafone.  This is neither a story of mine nor of my phone. These are highlights of how Internet has transformed all parts of society, our lives(example mine). It is not just fun but also an essential entity. This post erupted out of me as a senior relative called it "supersonic" when I accepted his friend request instantly on Face Book. My reply to him was "World /Internet in our Palm". What it is to have the entire world in your palm? 
One pretty little telephone book, one big telephone bill and a time after 9pm to make STD[standard trunk dialing] calls was all that I had in my school to college days. Telephone was then proper necessity for quick talks. Long chats over phone was unimaginable. The transition from land/cable phones to mobiles was what I saw in my life when I married. My better half and his …

The Departure That Was Not

It was never going to be an ordinary day .....................she stood still watching with her wet eyes as  she departed from her lover...........

She watched him walk off into his luxury bus to his far off destiny, after waving the sad good bye to her. It was a rainy afternoon. Poured cats and dogs. She almost drenched fully in spite of the umbrella which  trembled in her hands. Afternoon sky seemed like one after dusk. The tears that were supposed to roll on the cheeks mixed with rain water. Thoughts in the mind were clear but the mind ached with it, and she trembled thinking of her next move. She wanted to faint, wanted to scream at top of her voice for the ill fate that was facing her.
She continued to stand there. Eyes winked, hurt by rainy wind and tears. She dint bother about what the people around her thought. Her feelings were not felt by them. He peeped from the window catching glimpses of her. They dint feel like waving again anymore. They did not even feel like looking at…