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Rewinding Wishes on Family Love

We often lament on the paradox of time. It doesn't stop. Time flies we all exclaim, and then there are umpteen things to be done. There are unending tasks that want us to pause for. Wish we could have the incredible, quixotic time machine to go back into past .....into the bright spot of ones life. The innocent childhood.

Scenes of past that decor my memory lane blossom with full spring ever. 

Scenes of my childhood rewind........... A joint family it was till I attained teenage. The beauty is in love and pampering by grand parents. Though I stole "green mangoes " from granny's pickle jar her reactions turned me into responsible person. Though I hid his "chappals" [flip-flops for you] my grandpa always laughed at it. He was like a spur of catalysts constantly encouraged me in my every activity be it academics, table tennis, shuttle badminton. Took me to movies. A constant inspiration as he was, his face as I saw on my wedding day is one of the flashes I rem…


Little girls are father's darlings.
The time buzzer rings.
Her footsteps mature into bigger, following that of father. 28 years apart then will seem a newer picture than the one today where the tiny toes stretch to reach her dads....
Dad daughter race, Dad fears.  Soon the daughter outgrows his trace, She has to grow up independent and bold, As the father grows old.
Cherished moments of today are going to be supports for tomorrow. Little daughters chatters will be future verses to rember and sing........

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It all began with just  a piece of news. A sad demise, that can shake you off. Why is "death" a fact so hard to gulp down.Why is it like a dagger at your heart leaving one scar on your mind? My eyes dint like a wink of sleep. Every time the eyes closed his face gleamed in the minds eye. An unbearable restlessness. Thoughts rushing in like roaring waves. Accumulation of numerous memories, cherished time spent with him, refused to leave the mind. Now and then would the mind say oh-no, oh why! Alas. It was the end of his journey of life. It is a hard fact. The moment filled in me with deep grief never to cease ...............Ears dint want to hear anything more. Appetite was long forgotten. Air around seemed so dull. Life around you seemed like a reel of slow motion. Deep mourning sadness creeping upon constantly and endlessly....Rotation of thoughts continued. Had to pause after all, it was not the end. It is another beginning for the rest of us without him. He lived his life …

Super Woman and Super Weather

It is news all over in media about Baby Afreen's brutal death. After writing my article on "Girl Child's Agony" last month which generalized the cursed disease of "boy-worship" in India this news came in like a dirty example. Own father has been worst than an animal to harm his own infant daughter to death for the reason of her being born female.
So we prove each day how exploited is the freedom offered to the citizen of democratic country  We have a freedom of action to such an devilish extent? Every citizen is expected to have the head balanced on the shoulders. An incident like this is awaited to happen again for "law" and capital punishment to be discussed against such devils? There was never love. Now law will be discussed  again till hope not another repeating dirty incident crops up and flares up agitation amongst the common man.  It's appearing like a fad here that a girl child has been treated so inhumanly and tortured to the this ex…

IIT Madras- Open Door Rule

Sushma's Page presents the first guest post today.  An agitated alumnus of IIT -Chennai reacts on the new rule of "Moral Policing" on the Hostel-Day of IIT [Indian Institute of Technology] protesting against it. An "open door policing" for the Hostel Night is ridiculous and not welcome at all.  Sincere thanks to Mr. Harish for his views in here especially in the hustle bustle of rushing home[India] for an emergency of losing a best friend of his, as a victim of the monster called cancer today. But the very mention of the new rule of  IIT-agitated him and provoked to pen down his piece of mind. [For those who do not know about"Hostel Night- It is a occasion where any visitor is allowed to stay in student's room for that night]

Gist: Studying in the prestigious IIT -Madras [In late 1990's as I pursued my Master's of Technology] was, and is a pride for me.Today being an Product of IIT- it has a great role in molding me .
It was once in a year that the…