Monday, December 31, 2012

Her Dare and Scare

Here is a true incident when my heart ached.

Here is one girl so vulnerable. She carries no chilly powder, she knows no martial art, but she hides at a shadow of a man! She fled like that deer who spotted the lion in the shrub when my better half approached her for a picture with a camera and some pocket-money to offer her and her little sibling. Upon my request for an explanation with a hug, she weeps , weeps about her woes, about her chores, and how she is supposed to stay away from "any man!"

Her House she guards. A sibling in her arms.
A kitchen awaits her.There's a dad who hates her,
A mother the breadwinner.
A big money of mine did no magic, while,
A big hug of mine made her smile.
Life for her is a workshop,
joy a mystery, love a mock-shop.
She breathes, eats, works, sleeps.
A living human body, sometimes weeps.
She's another "Girl" deprived of respect, freedom. love.
For shes considered a, burden a bane?

Her voice has no weight. Her life has none too. Because the world told her "Sorry, You are a Girl"? 

With the growing reports of crime called rape in India it can not be concluded this crime increased now. It existed in this men ruled society always. Today it is the media that brings it in limelight and at times blows it off too.
Stop rapes in turn only points at respect that woman and give her the freedom of life.


  1. Well written!

    You are right. Crimes against women always existed and sadly it will. At least until men are taught to respect woman.

  2. Indian mind set needs to change.It is a pity,we don't even know as to why Indian male behaves the way he does?Arent men the same world over?Why don't we learn to regard the girl child.
    I have no words to express my feelings about the way this pst has been written.
    My best wishes


  3. वाह . बहुत उम्दा,सुन्दर व् सार्थक प्रस्तुति
    कभी यहाँ भी पधारें और लेखन भाने पर अनुसरण अथवा टिपण्णी के रूप में स्नेह प्रकट करने की कृपा करें |