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Review - She/view

The very first few minutes of the movie's beginning will drown you deep down into the character of "Shashi" a beautiful Maharashtrian lady, the happy wife, DIL (Daughter In Law) and a SAHM(Stay At Home Mother). Expert hands on cooking and her only cherished hobby as it is, she runs small scale home based catering. Popular for her fabulous "laddoos" yet maintains a slim waist line herself. Almost frequent jibes from husband and child for poor English knowledge has almost let her self esteem down yet a positive vibrating cheerful face. She later on happens to visit New York where she bumps into English classes. The "Saaashi" that is seen on the Manhattan streets is the one who thoroughly comes out evolved with her new outlook.  If gaining her self respect form her dear ones meant just about learning an foreign language,and foreign culture, she challenges it and welcomes a new self.
While one can laugh non stop, smile vigorously as you enjoy the movie o…