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World of Art

"What use is that talent which is not shared and spread across"...says  the talented artist Chaitra Somanath of Qatar. Today's Guest on here.
Her Web site:
Ordinary woman with extraordinary talent called art  thumping into her.
"Art can not fill your bread basket" is what I read here. "Art Santhe Bangalore" Be it painting, writing or singing. But an artist never remains hungry is what I say. And "Chaitra is one inspiration for my little artist ( who sees art even in her plate of food".
Glimpse of her life and art spell is all here for you.
She says...... 

1.About herself. A simple person, mind full of dreams, born at Siddapur in Uttara kannada dist and brought up at Jog, a place which is famous for it’s water falls and power generation, in a small family with parents and an younger sister.
I am a self taught artist. Ever since my childhood, I have been fond of making drawings in my drawing book…