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Labyrinth of Anguish

The bearer of progeny,
She is
Pacifies a man's existence
Personifies love.

A bubble of life her seat,
Stretched hands, quench of love,
She was to soar.
Expecting eyes, looks of hope, she wore.

Wading in flood of hatred,
Venom of dejection poked,
Hurled stones of dislike at,
Pricked thorns of curses,
Anguish revoked?

Sheer agony, yet,
Flee to where?
Earth her Bosom,
Life her breath,
Turmoil in mind
Labyrinth of anguish,
Alas, She has just one wish.

Girl a hatred?
Woman a material piece?
"I am the Woman,
Give me my respect"
Free me of this Labyrinth of Anguish


  1. Replies
    1. Respect has lost it's meaning for women. She is used or abused.

    2. There are still a few good men who truly respect women. :)

    3. Awww- sorry for delayed response. Well the above was about the other set of people only:-)

  2. Women you are infinite , u r divine ....
    bcoz of u the whole of humanity shine.....

    Y Y shud we project women a victim , a weak being awaiting justice..enough is enough now its tym, for women to rise up....they simply cannot let themselves be projected as victims has done no gud..
    we must always talk about the glorious nature and might of a women....
    if c can bear the pang of the birth,,,
    c can take away life the vile men yr strength ...never project women as victim
    talk always of strength and women.....

    srry for being a bit melodramatic but...I really respect women and their might ,they r divine respect

    As far as the poem goes it was poetically great..poignant but sadly it depicted women as a victim...
    Women U r divine rise up and shine :)

    1. Yep that whom whom we are reading in the daily media head lines is the one who is in this labyrinth. This victim has to rise and shine yet.

  3. You have beautifully captured the anguish and fortitude of women.

  4. All respect to women without whom none of us would have entered this world! Well written!

    1. the bearer of progeny, yes, how could she be cursed at all!!

  5. Incredible Words... Just one word to describe it all - RESPECT!

  6. well echoed!Beautifully lyrical!

  7. well i think more than any thing else its the education and awareness among women thats required ..its a particular segment of women that suffers and also depends upon how a woman conducts herself , it can go only with economic reforms , education ,awareness ..overall a beautiful poem :)

    1. simply standing up not just for us but for other fellow women.

  8. Loved the poem. Your redrafting and editing for such long time has made this poem a masterpiece. Superb composition

    1. haha- Well thanks for your lovely words.

  9. Women are always at extremes in society.. Either they are kept on pedestal and worshipped or put down and stomped over.. Very touching poetry..

    1. Rightly said Farida- Both cases they are treated as "katputlee".

  10. "the bearer of progeny"----places her at the centre of the social, cultural crisis!
    Love this probing piece, Sushma!Kudos for writing this perceptive piece :)

    1. thanks with a bow:-) You are topping on the list of people who inspire me. There is more coming up now on Sushma's Page. This time it is absolutely humour. Can you guess or you want to wait?

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  12. Excellent post! Request you watch this video and support this lady in her struggle

    1. Will have look at this link. Not familiar with the name though. Thanks for it a lot.

  13. Sushma, did you happen to have a look at the video? What's your take on it?

  14. Brilliant stuff!

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