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No Proxy For Fun

An unknown dark side of your loving friend, when strikes on you like the untold lightening, you recoil in repugnance. Lost. How a drug for cure could turn into a curse too. When you learn about a young man drop dead on his dinner table, little do you realize the darker secret behind the whole anecdote? The dreaded truth of the mere pain killer capsules. You ought to know it, and not just say no to  ProxyVon, but, unless advised by doctor never to administer any/medicine drug to self.

The self realization for the tall dark handsome man earning heavy salary in an metropolitan city, happily and newly married to a pretty girl, when it came striking, he had missed his bus. All the life's goals were drowned as he drowned himself in heaps of those cursed drugs that were once induced to him by a doctor for mere pain. The parasitic drug then paralysed him. Diverted drug as it is labelled rightly, crept on him from 2 to 20 pills in a span of waking hours of a day. The journey of an addict had…

Labyrinth of Anguish

This is an ode to the countless "women" who are physically exploited and to those female infantswho were cursed/killed/abandoned for they were born with female hormones. The bearer of progeny, She is Pacifies a man's existence Personifies love.
A bubble of life her seat, Stretched hands, quench of love, She was to soar. Expecting eyes, looks of hope, she wore.
Wading in flood of hatred, Venom of dejection poked, Hurled stones of dislike at, Pricked thorns of curses, Anguish revoked?
Sheer agony, yet,
Flee to where?
Earth her Bosom,
Life her breath,
Turmoil in mind
Labyrinth of anguish,
Alas, She has just one wish.

Girl a hatred?
Woman a material piece?
"I am the Woman,
Give me my respect"
Free me of this Labyrinth of Anguish

Johnny Walker v/s Ekta Kapoor

v/s         Picture courtesy Google

Warning: An extra dose of humour causes no harm but be aware of it.
Note: Lot of hindi terms have been used in this article exclusively with the intention of poking some humour.

Just as wild as the summer air, is my musing over the gender wars. Just as hot as the above pictures, are what seem more like a cacophonous ohh ohh- hey hey of the age old gender Tu- Tu Main Main. To be sober, John Gray has put it practically as Men from Mars and Women from Venus. Now what  difference does that make if I said the "Johny Walkers" versus the K's?  While the men are happy with a JW on their table, the women love to plonk on the couch watching the world famous saas-bahu serials.

Tighten your seat belts for the take off and do so  during the safe landing of the entire reading. This ain't Air India, & please trust me, this will take you to the right destination. Promise you that.
For ages the men have been traditionally vanishing from wedding and…