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World in Palm

This article won a award at "Internet is Fun" blogging contest conducted by Indiblogger and Vodafone. Vodafone IndiBlogger Contest Runner-up!

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This is no commercial for Apple I Phone or for Vodafone.  This is neither a story of mine nor of my phone. These are highlights of how Internet has transformed all parts of society, our lives(example mine). It is not just fun but also an essential entity. This post erupted out of me as a senior relative called it "supersonic" when I accepted his friend request instantly on Face Book. My reply to him was "World /Internet in our Palm"What it is to have the entire world in your palm? 

One pretty little telephone book, one big telephone bill and a time after 9pm to make STD[standard trunk dialing] calls was all that I had in my school to college days. Telephone was then proper necessity for quick talks. Long chats over phone was unimaginable. The transition from land/cable phones to mobiles was what I saw in my life when I married. My better half and his better half. Let me explain that for you. Mobile=moga-bail=moga means love in Konkani language and bail= wife. My hubby’s favorite joke then about owning a mobile and a moga-bail at once [the terms interchanged meanings apparently is the irony].  The joke is still valid and can tickle anyone for a laugh. So the transition of having the mobile phone soon got me hooked on to it for the free sms that Vodafone [previously Hutch] offered to its Vodafone- to Vodafone customers. Entire family hooked on to hutch for better savings! It was a easy tease “you too Hutch?”.  If any kannada [regional Indian Language] speaker reads Hutch pronouncing u as oo- then the meaning turns out to be "crazy". So it stated we were crazy for Hutch. Huh. Could call mom from vegetable market to check out for fresh purchase or my sis who was in hostel for anything she needed.

The transition for me into using Internet on mobile happened very late. Very very late. Only last year I was teased into this new phase. The irony is after having I-phone for 3 years and without using Internet all time, was “so dumb”.  What’s the fun I had decided, it was not going to be any fun. But the past year bloomed into fantastic phase of Time Management. All thanks to my I-Phone.[Vodafone again the exclusive dealer for apple products in Doha].

Am one "witch" who hates chopping, mixing, but a chef who still loves to feed my family with delicacies cooked by me yet not a cook! The little time I spend in my kitchen is when I enjoy the updates on some social websites. The phone hangs around with me and  vice-verse. NO- not yet  like the Japanese women it hasn’t gone to the extent of reaching the washroom.  I do render my every evening prayers to god, but could never ask for more than 24 hours in a day. So I could spend some time for myself . Thanks to the Internet. I flip on the social websites in jiffy of few seconds just before I go to bed, as I cook, or in some traffic signal. Luckily traffic police cannot fine me for confiding this on my site, and if they do it will not be for using mobile phone but for brushing hair while driving or applying lipstick or biting a burger.
The biggest boon is when I really have important emails from my University about ongoing discussions, or when I want to see quick news headlines, or even news on my little one's school web portal. I narrate her this comparison.She loves the tales of Lord Krishna specially when he eats mud and mother Yashodha sees the entire world in his mouth. I have the entire world in my palms. The Internet has landed onto my palms . My Phone. This is to my relief I share my saga with the Internet. Recently I had to remind my friend of this, who ridiculed me that I did not miss any social update.  And, when it comes to music I have always been deaf, I hear it only loud!  Lesser volume turns me off! So a closer proximity is now an added advantage.
The strategy of Internet is a pretty debating stuff. Due to some dodgy stuff that runs over the net like cure-less virus the Internet turns out to be a monstrous bane. And you could hear about parents disapproving the act of children using Internet-" dare you sit  on the Internet all the time". At the same time the other side of the coin is of those who really want to educate the progeny with the best part of the Internet making use of educational web sites for projects and etc after knowing the cons of it. Leaving the wrongs and rights away, I have experienced the do's and dont's that I set for my daughter on how well she could use the Internet; and why and what not when she does it over my phone too! This is their era. We are only upgrading and updating ourselves while they are growing with it. And Internet sure has its hands in the scene. Throwing away the risk of negative impact of Internet stuff on mobile for kids has to be vide ethical computer education and not by banning use of Internet pally phones.

Started with pretty little handbook containing telephone number, today it is a pretty little phone in my palms. Wonder if it will be a chip tomorrow that I could use as ear rings or a neck-lace or a wrist band may be? Monster called Internet in the hands of the witch! The strategy of Internet was fun, so was penning this down and  now let me run to my undone unending chores.


  1. Nicely written. The cell phone definitely has evolved through the years and so has the technology. Great post. Love the subtle humour.

    1. Yes Ashwini- more said , lengthier the post- so I had to brief it out- cut cut. Thanks for lovely words.

  2. Absolutely true and important information sharing post. Sushma you always rock the informative world.....I also recall a mine childhood day when my father helps to make a STD call to village people as he is in BSNL.......

    1. Yes Harshal I had so many more things to be said but had to cut short.

  3. Hey wonderful one.. really enjoyed reading it...!!!!

  4. Nicely articulated Sushma!

  5. HI,
    This is my first visit here and must congratulate you for such wonderful pages you have written.
    My best wishes. And of course,I will follow you here and on twitter.

    1. Thank You for lovely compliments. My readers are my treasures.
      Most welcome to Sushma's Page.

  6. world has evolved, isn't true
    moga-bail? really? that was hilarious :)
    great post...


    1. hey you ask me really?..of course really but did you read the bracketed words next- the terms changed meaning in course of time.

  7. Nicely written Sushma. World is evolving and internet in a good smartphone is now everyday need of every person. Enjoyed the post . . .
    Keep writing . . .

    Ashwini Dey

  8. Congrats on the prize,truly deserving!!!

    1. Thanks so much for feeling so and the wishes.

  9. Wonderful blog...

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  13. It took me 10 years to write a story. It had a telephone directory in it. By the time I finished, it was totally obsolete!


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