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The Departure That Was Not

It was never going to be an ordinary day .....................she stood still watching with her wet eyes as  she departed from her lover...........

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She watched him walk off into his luxury bus to his far off destiny, after waving the sad good bye to her. It was a rainy afternoon. Poured cats and dogs. She almost drenched fully in spite of the umbrella which  trembled in her hands. Afternoon sky seemed like one after dusk. The tears that were supposed to roll on the cheeks mixed with rain water. Thoughts in the mind were clear but the mind ached with it, and she trembled thinking of her next move. She wanted to faint, wanted to scream at top of her voice for the ill fate that was facing her.

She continued to stand there. Eyes winked, hurt by rainy wind and tears. She dint bother about what the people around her thought. Her feelings were not felt by them. He peeped from the window catching glimpses of her. They dint feel like waving again anymore. They did not even feel like looking at each others face for the fear they will fall weak for the decision they had taken to separate for the sake of their family interests. There was no anguish, only the love for themselves that was ready to be buried in the interest of love for family.

It was decided to be a departure of the love for ever. A new promise to be kept. A new world to be faced. Both were reluctant yet confidant about the rational decision they had made. Those wonderful times of courtship were seeming to end. They had met often. Not in theaters or bars but in libraries. They had gone outings together not in parks but to temples. A very beautiful friendship was blooming over the long period of courtship and the educated couple wanted to tie a knot which was not acceptable to their families. Why? Or may be why not? The social system that they were brought up in taught them to love religion but at same time no to develop relations or embrace other religion or community. So they were broken. So was their relation going to be in the name of anti inter-community wedding.

She still stood drenched in the rains as her heart wailed and drenched too. The bus had to finally pull off and so did she from the public stand. That cursed day was over. She drove her bike home with heavy heart as her world had changed. So she thought.

And as they made up their minds, they still wrote letters to each other and still remained friends. Hard  to be separated. Time fled and they got busy in their new world.

BUT the best surprise came in to them when it was the family's turn to value their feelings, decisions,, give up being adamant on false cultural views. They admired the relation of the couple and one day the couple tied the knot.
It was never going to be the same rainy day again.....It was a union after a departure. A departure that was not......and a beautiful journey of life called married life. A mark of family.

P.S.: It is not rare to see inter-caste, inter cultural-religion weddings these days yet there are still communities where it is looked down upon sometimes forcing young adults to take irrational decision of ending lives or fleeing from their familiar world.  Is it necessary after all?
Is it not enough today that being good humans beings we are ready to embrace another from any culture or religion as better half?

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  1. Wow! Superb writeup Shushma. Merging a social issue in a fiction is really a hard thing to do, but you did it well. The best part was the ending when family decides to except the relation forgeting the religious differences. Cheers for you and all the best for the contest :-) . . .
    Keep writing . . .

    Ashwini Dey

  2. Replies
    1. The awesome compliment accepted. Thanks.

  3. Yes Inter-cast marriages are real taboo in most parts of India.

    Anyways a wonderful post.

    1. Neeraj- It is a ironical since today I have even american and German relatives, through marriages of my cousins!!!!

  4. Sweetly and gently presented...true, ain't love enough?

  5. Good one...

  6. Replies
    1. RahulJi Glad you read:-) Seemed like a teenager though as I wrote:-)

  7. My dear Sushma,
    You know I am a romantic. Yes, I love the story...full of sadness and deep emotions. Well done my friend.

  8. Beautiful! You are a good writer! Thank you for sharing. I also saw your photos! They are excellent. Have a very happy weekend.

  9. Good that family came in to support

  10. Loved that....

  11. What a wonderful, relaxing scene you've captured. I so love a gentle rain.

  12. Cast, creed, community and religion are the refuge of the sick. Cheers! Great work.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed your writing on a topic that can be very controversial. So romantic ...and sad, but at least there's a happy ending!
    Best of luck in the competition.

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