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IIT Madras- Open Door Rule

Sushma's Page presents the first guest post today. 
An agitated alumnus of IIT -Chennai reacts on the new rule of "Moral Policing" on the Hostel-Day of IIT [Indian Institute of Technology] protesting against it. An "open door policing" for the Hostel Night is ridiculous and not welcome at all.  Sincere thanks to Mr. Harish for his views in here especially in the hustle bustle of rushing home[India] for an emergency of losing a best friend of his, as a victim of the monster called cancer today. But the very mention of the new rule of  IIT-agitated him and provoked to pen down his piece of mind.
[For those who do not know about"Hostel Night- It is a occasion where any visitor is allowed to stay in student's room for that night]

Studying in the prestigious IIT -Madras [In late 1990's as I pursued my Master's of Technology] was, and is a pride for me.Today being an Product of IIT- it has a great role in molding me .
It was once in a year that the Hostel Day was being celebrated. It was a The Day for the students, for some fun and freedom a-midst privacy. It was yet another day like a college day or a Birthday Party for me. BUT -The difference was, for one day, we spent best times with our near and dear ones in the closed rooms where we otherwise lived with only books and books and that's all. It was like another celebration for us. BUT unique and peaceful.
For gods sake policing is not required for this day. 

At the stage of under graduation[above 18] and Post Graduation, the students can clearly distinguish sex and relationships. One day of fun in hostel is not justified for having premarital relations. This is one special day for everyone in professional life.
If it were a hostel of teenagers it would have been a different matter  Yes I mean it. This is nothing but  a bare truth.
If Management is trying to keep law and order in place, this rule will not help them much. Simple. Instead they can organise open get together which is commonly practiced. But it does not provide the space, the privacy that the professionals rightfully require in maintaining their mental peace who otherwise spent most times in those rooms with books and machines.

Conclusion: It is a Unique system of IIT- Let's not change it in name of law and order. I will request with stamped foot. Go back. Keep the original fame of IIT intact. IIT-an icon of pride for me and thousands of more professionals born out of there.

Myself in happy times spent in IIT

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  1. Nice write up. Thank You for putting up this informative piece in your blog.

  2. Point well made and IIT admin needs to note....

    1. this is a very old issue and worst step taken now!

  3. Rightly said Sushma, this unique system of IIT should not be changed in name of law and order, enjoyed reading . . .

    Keep writing . . .

    Ashwini Dey

  4. Rightly said Sushma, this unique system of IIT should not be changed in name of law and order, enjoyed reading . . .

    Keep writing . . .

    Ashwini Dey

  5. how can one night of policing make a diff to a students moral behaviour? in a hostel you have to trust kids

  6. At 18, children are old enough to vote and decide who rules the country. Cant they be expected to behave in a rational manner? I agree policing is harsh in a professional institution!

  7. Brilliant stuff!

  8. Apart from the + and -...
    i love the environment of IIT madras :)

  9. Hi,
    Very interesting post. You have a great blog and I like your writing. I would like to give you the award of ‘The versatile blogger’. To receive this award you have to link back and follow the simple rules.

    If you don’t believe in these awards, then you can ignore this. However I just want to let you know that I genuinely like your writing.

    Congratulations and happy blogging.

    1. Appreciate your lovely words Ekta. Very glad to understand you have liked my writing.

  10. Good one Sushma! High time the authorities stopped treating college students with kid's glovess:)


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