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Sex Education

This article won a prize:

"Sex" an healthy biological concept , is it termed "dirty" and censored" even today? Do we still feel a sense of guilt/shame as we talk about sex?. It has been ages since the concept of  separating the two wonderful human genders on this earth existed. Today the evolution has taken over.  And children are no more at the mercy of cheap pornographic pictures, or the fear of misinformation from equally ignorant friends. Many educated families inculcate "sex" education in children in sober, positive and compassionate methods. Yet how far has it gone successful in schools? Though the western world inculcates sex education yet there is still not any less of teenage pregnancies which is a due concern in India too. Is it not a must to be taught in schools too? And that includes  "bad and good touch" to the pre adolescent too.

Access to pornography, condom commercials are as common as coffee or toffee advertisements. Why P…

Thumb Held

Gathering bits of pearls that sparkle on the path of the memory lane, worth the nostalgic efforts and making the grand lace of memoir is what I seriously love doing and redoing any number of times. The bits of pearls are those times of my good old past/ a recent past, and the grand lace will be this entire post. Well in mid thirties today, and is definitely the phase as I muse over the past, that taught me all this while the lessons of life and nevertheless to mention the important part of all this happens to be the childhood. There have been countless moments countless thoughts in my mind on the subject and more so as I saw my seven year old grow up. I happily abandoned my career for a phase of 3 years and spent the best part of my life with J[Lets shorten her name so for you]. I have absolutely no words to express this yet penning down few moments might exhaust my dictionary but not the feelings. They are immortal. 
Again I muse where do I begin, as the thoughts have been randomly b…