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Tiny Insight

A tiny little flower
She bloomed in my garden
Was kissed by frosty wind
She whispered tiny meek talks
Wandering wind failed to understand her will
Glimpses of giant humans she caught 
She chuckled, mused,
They fail to laugh or smile with her
They fail to rejoice simple joys of life
Greedy bewailing is the mania of man?
Life can be as tiny as her
And she is so sweet
So can be their lives
lest they fail to laugh with her
The inspiration to write this is from Wisdom times. Thanks Vish. 


  1. lovely both the flower and lines

  2. beautiful image and lovely verse!

  3. The poem, the thought and the picture have come out very well.

  4. Sushma,

    lovely poem. I wish I could post these poems on wisdomtimes. But unfortunately the site rules doesn't entertain standalone poems. You are welcome to post self improvement blogs with poems on our site


  5. @ magiceye, rama : glad you liked.

    @ vish: Thanks so much:-)

  6. photography, poetry - wow you are so talented Sush :)
    very nice poem

  7. wow! awesome composition..very cool shot!

  8. Agree with Sujatha! Multifaceted you are:)

  9. Lovely insight to the picture through those magical words ....

  10. Beautiful work there..Love the line -
    was kissed by the frosty wind...

  11. @ Ash- :-)
    @ Sujata, Rahulji:-) feet off floor:-) thanks for compliments.
    @ Saru, dhemz- Thanks

  12. good poem indeed...

  13. Why write a poem if you can protect that tiny little flower from Wandering wind.. ;)

  14. Loved the verses and Image as well :)
    good post !

  15. Beautifully crafted. Loved this line 'Wandering wind failed to understand her will' Woow! Your poem said so many things within a split of second
    .It was a nice read.

    If time permits then please visit my blog too.

  16. Wonderful, especially the concluding 2 lines.

  17. @ Saikat basu- will surely visit.thanks.

    @ Valady Sir:thanks.

  18. Nice thought with lovely lines and the pic.

  19. Mastercard may buy us better memories but the best things in life are free.

  20. @ Purba- yes. The irony in it is this one thing that is free is what we forget to snatch where as the "buy one take two free" commercials are best monitored for our material pleasures.

  21. You have brought out the strength and innocence in the small - through a tiny flower. Wonderful poem!!

  22. A nice poem, sometimes we just need to find those small small happiness in life which obviously come for free

  23. its good to see things from perspective of other life was made simple...perhaps we goofed up big-time somewhere on the way !! Nice poem...

  24. @ Sanjeev- the tiny bloom seemed so inspiring to me:-)

    @ Arnab: Small things matter. yeah. thanks.

    @ Nithin: I agree with your comment totally.

  25. To all a big thanks for this post came through an over whelming response.


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