Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Girl Child's Agony

"May you be the mother of a son"- is a common blessing for a married woman in India. Is this a step motherly attitude towards daughters? A girl child in India leads a neglected multi-cursed multi –abused life? She is toned to accept a second class status in the traditional male dominated socio-economic set up. AtharvaVeda aptly sums up this fact with the verse "Grant me a son and a girl elsewhere"-I remember reading this somewhere. No, when I write this it is definitely not a generic offensive statement but surely a factual reality still pertaining in human world especially in India. Today's educated class longing for a girl child after birth of a son is no new. Vice-Versa also applies. The interest is positive. Successful women aren't unnoticed. The concern of mine here only is a girl child's manifold problems with religious preaching, social environment, and economic compulsions in many parts of rural as well as urban areas which are still "uncivilized".

A childhood of girl generally constitutes to too many rituals, law and rules, in fact to a mass of cultural directory which eventually form her core identity as a adult. An entry to school is a highlighted milestone. University education is like a heroic deed ending with a certificate that adds weight age to the unending list of "skills" during her "bride seeing ceremony". And by chance if she excels in school then there is tremendous speculation of her ability to be accepted by a equally well matched or "well-to-do" groom.

She is like a liability? She will be raised with all the "values" and beliefs she needs to be imbibed with to keep her in laws happy in future.
The preference to the male is because he is the flame of the family passing on the torch to the next generation. Whereas she is a guest in the paternal home till she is tied to a "husband" material. Liability ends.

Not just India but in many parts of the world she is brought up by assigning negative values as her own entity. The socialism of a girl is still explained by the theme: unwanted, neglected, underdeveloped and exploited.

This is still a concern in the parts of society which will be termed uncivilized. For this to turn into civilized requires the education to realize and accepted equal to a male child.
All that is required is thinking and belief.
I dedicate this post to the G-Day of round 10 of ABC Wednesday meme. 
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  1. Having being blessed with a girl, I consider myself more fortunate than a father of any son!

  2. i have a niece, i always wanted my brother and cousins to have a girl child.
    A girl child is just like an angel, i just wonder why do people hate to have girl child, i think foeticide time has come to an end with awareness..
    nice post !

  3. In today's world there is absolutely no diff between men and women...Women are capable in dng everything.

  4. Sad state of affairs in India.. However, there's a silver lining - things are changing in India.. We are in a transitionary era and the urban crowd is leading the way..

  5. The approach to such social beliefs has certainly changed in metros, however a lot is yet to be changed in towns and villages. I feel and believe, education, exposure to different cultures and acceptance of women as equals will happen, if not today in coming years for sure.

  6. So often these blessed sons have become nightmares for their parents, yet it will time to realise the truth that; it is not gender but character that counts.

  7. @ Rahul: Personal experience says we also experience being blessed with a active and smart girl child.

    @Deepak and Chintan: Well I have seen this approach seemingly has changed more in metros and lesser in rural areas. Yet basically it is in minds of people irrespective of where they reside.

  8. @ Binu: It is really a sad state specially in India. I will be posting another real story on a similar gender based issue. Just managing my hectic time table.

  9. @ Farida: The longing for one adorable daughter and one naughty son is common but disliking a girl is not accepted. Here you are right that gender makes no difference than the character.

  10. Sushma, I strongly feel that this post doesn't connect with the urban areas of our country and mostly with our generation.The discrimination is still deep rooted in the rural areas and more conservative societies.When we talk about women empowerment, I feel we need quotas for impoverished women from the lower strata of the society, so that they grow up and do something exemplary, thereby setting examples for others.I am very positive on the whole issue and I feel its only a matter of time when this social evil is eradicated from our society.Just a few more generations to go!

  11. Nice blog about girls.

  12. So sad. I hope things in your country change for the better soon.

    Gigi Ann ABC Wednesday Team

  13. Hello.
    It's so sad that this blatant discrimination against women & girl children still exists worldwide. Some countries are steeped in ignorance & just plain refuse to step out of the dark ages, with no hope of conforming. Women are the root of our foundation. Without them there would be no life. I was raised to always respect women regardless of their color or creed. To me...a woman is like a flower...she needs to be nurtured so she can blossom & grow.
    Thought-provoking post, Sushma.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Garden Of Life

  14. No doubt this true in many parts of the world. Sad.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team