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Tiny Insight

A tiny little flower She bloomed in my garden Was kissed by frosty wind She whispered tiny meek talks Wandering wind failed to understand her will Glimpses of giant humans she caught  She chuckled, mused, They fail to laugh or smile with her They fail to rejoice simple joys of life Greedy bewailing is the mania of man?
Life can be as tiny as her And she is so sweet So can be their lives lest they fail to laugh with her
The inspiration to write this is from Wisdom times. Thanks Vish.  The post by Vandana Singhal

Love the lady in blue and Mantra of Marriage

"She came in blue salwar kurtha, matching accessories top to bottom, from ear rings,sandals,bag to "mathe ki bi bindhi".
No no said my mind but not the eyes. Could not stop looking at her killer looks. Looked like a fairy walking down from the blue strip of the rainbow straight on the blue carpet and towards me........". This was the chanting of his adrenaline thumping  he felt as he watched the girl in blue who never left any opportunity for an encounter with him. It seems she was in love with him. College days and teenage love! His constant ignorance towards her made her only more stubborn. Following him to bus stops and college entrance grew into routines. Ultimately world toppled for him. Repeated hatred turned into love. Repeated actions had their magical influence and he started liking her.   Her appealing tantrums had cast the spell, dare any guy resist when a girl has her stubborn strategies fully focused. He started liking her........Only to remain in h…


A poetry written in fifteen minutes-My first fastest post. Picture taken at "Bengre" in Udupi-Karnataka-India.

I dedicate this post to the A-Day of round 10 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.

Girl Child's Agony

"May you be the mother of a son"- is a common blessing for a married woman in India. Is this a step motherly attitude towards daughters? A girl child in India leads a neglected multi-cursed multi –abused life? She is toned to accept a second class status in the traditional male dominated socio-economic set up. AtharvaVeda aptly sums up this fact with the verse "Grant me a son and a girl elsewhere"-I remember reading this somewhere. No, when I write this it is definitely not a generic offensive statement but surely a factual reality still pertaining in human world especially in India. Today's educated class longing for a girl child after birth of a son is no new. Vice-Versa also applies. The interest is positive. Successful women aren't unnoticed. The concern of mine here only is a girl child's manifold problems with religious preaching, social environment, and economic compulsions in many parts of rural as well as urban areas which are still "unc…