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Her Dare and Scare

Here is a true incident when my heart ached.

Here is one girl so vulnerable. She carries no chilly powder, she knows no martial art, but she hides at a shadow of a man! She fled like that deer who spotted the lion in the shrub when my better half approached her for a picture with a camera and some pocket-money to offer her and her little sibling. Upon my request for an explanation with a hug, she weeps , weeps about her woes, about her chores, and how she is supposed to stay away from "any man!"

Her House she guards. A sibling in her arms.
A kitchen awaits her.There's a dad who hates her,
A mother the breadwinner.
A big money of mine did no magic, while,
A big hug of mine made her smile.
Life for her is a workshop,
joy a mystery, love a mock-shop.
She breathes, eats, works, sleeps.
A living human body, sometimes weeps.
She's another "Girl" deprived of respect, freedom. love.
For shes considered a, burden a bane?

Her voice has no weight. Her life has none too. …

Voice: "Sorry It's a Girl"

In the maternity ward - There is a deep nurse voice saying "Sorry, It's a Girl".  Unfortunately this opening quote was spat on my face one day, and I had abused my mindful to that deep voiced nurse, welcoming my newly born daughter.

A GIRL- traverses her journey from womb till  till her death bed ,with a trail of voice following, every where on this earth, reminding her of her weaker stereotype, an unwanted species, still the bearer of progeny! This is the ironical supremacy of men that they carry on their heavy shoulders.
In a happy living room among happy family, there is one warning voice saying "You are a girl, behave, learn to sit, learn to talk, learn this...learn that...". A school. There is again one voice, for sure yelling "you are naughty. Behave. You are a girl, not a boy". In a college there are voices yelling "Girls, learn how to dress. Not less, not more"..and the limits are limited to the thinking of those voices that confine …

Know Your Product

One of the oldest axiom for sales is the "perception of reality". What your customer perceives to be true is what will drive their behaviour. And to demonstrate this, expert hands on the product knowledge is the key mantra for selling. Branding is a side effect of it, if I could call it so. How else would Star Bucks  make people stand in queue for hours when your wife can make better coffee at home!
I was not surprised upon learning yesterday about Chandni Chowk the Delhi's shining oldest busiest market square, a big crowd puller, went online!  Paralleling this growth of technology and access to information, marketing tactics, as any company's primary philosophy remains its concentration on it's "Product Knowledge".
Corporate world triggers the increased importance of "Product Knowledge". Increasing competition, consumer choice and consumer power leads an organisation to cut ways through a media space  crowded with competing offers. Be it finish…

Stop-See, Little Girl's Glamour

This isn't first time I go on with  my prefect "mommy philosophy" after I wrote "Thank Her Why's, "Mamma I am Rapunzel, Barbie and the Pink and many more.
Introducing another "avatar" of my little one who is not that little for the world though. She can dress on her own, do her hair, dance in front of mirrors for hours. So much so that I at times need to imitate her school teacher yelling at student calling out her full name- like a roll call in the morning class! And then a faint''oh did you call me?" will be the meek response.
Besides, her wardrobe is sure a mesmerizing exhibition piece that I can turn on to show my guests when there isn't much to talk.

I have some great friends who help me out with ideas pouring on how to keep this busy mind going in holidays. She can shoot questions on me aiming the rifle right over my head, and at times be lost in her cozy play world with a new apparel every hour, a different handbag, some b…

Review - She/view

The very first few minutes of the movie's beginning will drown you deep down into the character of "Shashi" a beautiful Maharashtrian lady, the happy wife, DIL (Daughter In Law) and a SAHM(Stay At Home Mother). Expert hands on cooking and her only cherished hobby as it is, she runs small scale home based catering. Popular for her fabulous "laddoos" yet maintains a slim waist line herself. Almost frequent jibes from husband and child for poor English knowledge has almost let her self esteem down yet a positive vibrating cheerful face. She later on happens to visit New York where she bumps into English classes. The "Saaashi" that is seen on the Manhattan streets is the one who thoroughly comes out evolved with her new outlook.  If gaining her self respect form her dear ones meant just about learning an foreign language,and foreign culture, she challenges it and welcomes a new self.
While one can laugh non stop, smile vigorously as you enjoy the movie o…

It Is Okay If You Are Greedy

Sushma's Page turned 2 this month. 
The commonest feeling of revoking the past, scratching the memory lane turns most up-heaving sensational phenomena when the subject includes "childhood". Here is my baby, "My Blog" . She turned two on the 3rd of October. She- Yes, she follows the stereotype as her owner.

A fetus conceived is a child born in minds of the mother -Self Quote.

She has  evolved over infancy. Crawling, giggling, stumbling, to the stage of  walking steady and ready to run today. Conceived in month of September-2010, she first smiled on successfully publishing the post "Cycle and the Chicken". 1st and nostalgic post that is so very personal.
The marathon continues till today over the stages where many a humour, satire, serious, poetic posts have been successfully completed and the blog has stood up, and today, all set to run. Sushma's Page is now greedy for more posts.....more readers. It is okay to be greedy.
Here is celebrating the 2nd…

That M Factor

"Without a motive we were unborn, yet for the sperms or eggs" - Self Quote. ________________________________________________________________ People do things for their own different reasons, and not yours. We could understand this with a story illustrated by a farmer, when he and his son had tough time getting their calf back into the barn. As they were scared about giving up, a little girl passed by. All she did was put her little finger in its mouth for it to suck and the calf promptly followed her to the barn.  There is ONLY "Self Motivation".  One can not Motivate another. If I could throw my 2 cents of experience I would dare to bet there is only something called "Inspiration" that we could do and the motivation for action then rests on the shoulders of the sole person who would perhaps act in the course.
Shiv Khera appropriately explains above theory in this book "You Can Win". All I point from this is to do a small daily chore we need to have …

World of Art

"What use is that talent which is not shared and spread across"...says  the talented artist Chaitra Somanath of Qatar. Today's Guest on here.
Her Web site:
Ordinary woman with extraordinary talent called art  thumping into her.
"Art can not fill your bread basket" is what I read here. "Art Santhe Bangalore" Be it painting, writing or singing. But an artist never remains hungry is what I say. And "Chaitra is one inspiration for my little artist ( who sees art even in her plate of food".
Glimpse of her life and art spell is all here for you.
She says...... 

1.About herself. A simple person, mind full of dreams, born at Siddapur in Uttara kannada dist and brought up at Jog, a place which is famous for it’s water falls and power generation, in a small family with parents and an younger sister.
I am a self taught artist. Ever since my childhood, I have been fond of making drawings in my drawing book…

No Proxy For Fun

An unknown dark side of your loving friend, when strikes on you like the untold lightening, you recoil in repugnance. Lost. How a drug for cure could turn into a curse too. When you learn about a young man drop dead on his dinner table, little do you realize the darker secret behind the whole anecdote? The dreaded truth of the mere pain killer capsules. You ought to know it, and not just say no to  ProxyVon, but, unless advised by doctor never to administer any/medicine drug to self.

The self realization for the tall dark handsome man earning heavy salary in an metropolitan city, happily and newly married to a pretty girl, when it came striking, he had missed his bus. All the life's goals were drowned as he drowned himself in heaps of those cursed drugs that were once induced to him by a doctor for mere pain. The parasitic drug then paralysed him. Diverted drug as it is labelled rightly, crept on him from 2 to 20 pills in a span of waking hours of a day. The journey of an addict had…

Labyrinth of Anguish

This is an ode to the countless "women" who are physically exploited and to those female infantswho were cursed/killed/abandoned for they were born with female hormones. The bearer of progeny, She is Pacifies a man's existence Personifies love.
A bubble of life her seat, Stretched hands, quench of love, She was to soar. Expecting eyes, looks of hope, she wore.
Wading in flood of hatred, Venom of dejection poked, Hurled stones of dislike at, Pricked thorns of curses, Anguish revoked?
Sheer agony, yet,
Flee to where?
Earth her Bosom,
Life her breath,
Turmoil in mind
Labyrinth of anguish,
Alas, She has just one wish.

Girl a hatred?
Woman a material piece?
"I am the Woman,
Give me my respect"
Free me of this Labyrinth of Anguish

Johnny Walker v/s Ekta Kapoor

v/s         Picture courtesy Google

Warning: An extra dose of humour causes no harm but be aware of it.
Note: Lot of hindi terms have been used in this article exclusively with the intention of poking some humour.

Just as wild as the summer air, is my musing over the gender wars. Just as hot as the above pictures, are what seem more like a cacophonous ohh ohh- hey hey of the age old gender Tu- Tu Main Main. To be sober, John Gray has put it practically as Men from Mars and Women from Venus. Now what  difference does that make if I said the "Johny Walkers" versus the K's?  While the men are happy with a JW on their table, the women love to plonk on the couch watching the world famous saas-bahu serials.

Tighten your seat belts for the take off and do so  during the safe landing of the entire reading. This ain't Air India, & please trust me, this will take you to the right destination. Promise you that.
For ages the men have been traditionally vanishing from wedding and…

I am Love

World in Palm

This article won a award at "Internet is Fun" blogging contest conducted by Indiblogger and Vodafone.

This is no commercial for Apple I Phone or for Vodafone.  This is neither a story of mine nor of my phone. These are highlights of how Internet has transformed all parts of society, our lives(example mine). It is not just fun but also an essential entity. This post erupted out of me as a senior relative called it "supersonic" when I accepted his friend request instantly on Face Book. My reply to him was "World /Internet in our Palm". What it is to have the entire world in your palm? 
One pretty little telephone book, one big telephone bill and a time after 9pm to make STD[standard trunk dialing] calls was all that I had in my school to college days. Telephone was then proper necessity for quick talks. Long chats over phone was unimaginable. The transition from land/cable phones to mobiles was what I saw in my life when I married. My better half and his …

The Departure That Was Not

It was never going to be an ordinary day .....................she stood still watching with her wet eyes as  she departed from her lover...........

She watched him walk off into his luxury bus to his far off destiny, after waving the sad good bye to her. It was a rainy afternoon. Poured cats and dogs. She almost drenched fully in spite of the umbrella which  trembled in her hands. Afternoon sky seemed like one after dusk. The tears that were supposed to roll on the cheeks mixed with rain water. Thoughts in the mind were clear but the mind ached with it, and she trembled thinking of her next move. She wanted to faint, wanted to scream at top of her voice for the ill fate that was facing her.
She continued to stand there. Eyes winked, hurt by rainy wind and tears. She dint bother about what the people around her thought. Her feelings were not felt by them. He peeped from the window catching glimpses of her. They dint feel like waving again anymore. They did not even feel like looking at…

Rewinding Wishes on Family Love

We often lament on the paradox of time. It doesn't stop. Time flies we all exclaim, and then there are umpteen things to be done. There are unending tasks that want us to pause for. Wish we could have the incredible, quixotic time machine to go back into past .....into the bright spot of ones life. The innocent childhood.

Scenes of past that decor my memory lane blossom with full spring ever. 

Scenes of my childhood rewind........... A joint family it was till I attained teenage. The beauty is in love and pampering by grand parents. Though I stole "green mangoes " from granny's pickle jar her reactions turned me into responsible person. Though I hid his "chappals" [flip-flops for you] my grandpa always laughed at it. He was like a spur of catalysts constantly encouraged me in my every activity be it academics, table tennis, shuttle badminton. Took me to movies. A constant inspiration as he was, his face as I saw on my wedding day is one of the flashes I rem…