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Just a smile

How simple, but how difficult to follow? That is not the case may be when all things are gong pretty fine.Yes. But on a bad day/bad time, upon slightest disturbances at times, is it the same? A tough person also might stumble and forget that just "one smile" can brighten your day/time or the disturbance that haunts you. Easily said than done? It does cost some effort though.
Yes. It is right to or necessary to nurture mixed feelings, and all kinds of  sensitivities perhaps. Similar based thoughts appear in my older posts too here  and there . Mind is a wanderer. And each one has mood swings in various doses, slightest to major. Sometimes we like to let go off the mind to wander. Its nice that way too, remember, we need to catch the reins soon. This is the catch. Life is not a garden of roses after all. Go through the thorny bushes too!
HOLD ON- Am not continuing on philosophical lines. We are all ware of such tricks & treats to capture our vulnerability.
At times I simply .…