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Tug Of War

Robotic routines in the recent past left me so anguished that last night that I felt deflated. Outrageous. I hardly spared time to work out some math sheets with my daughter. I wanted to open the floodgates of my minds dam where numerous thoughts had been circling in orbits. The speed went directly proportional to the speed of our routine list of jobs. I wanted to fall flat with my laptop and write. Write write and write.Cherished dream of childhood. The evenings sitting in my home garden I wrote my school times poems. The aroma of the agarbatthis my mother lit after prayers to god, still tickle my nostrils at the very thought. One small Red Diary of mine that holds treasure of my bits of writings, poems and thoughts lies with me, slightly soiled, worn out pages.
Soon after starts the hustle bustle of preparations. There is a paradox always when my daughter says shes so very excited to go to India. But for a holiday only! For her Doha is a home. It so very natural. But our heart longs …

Dancing Silhouette

Dawn to Dusk ebbs the day in silence
As the twilight dances in glory
So does the silhouette of the little dancer

Dusk conquering over the sunshine
Sun diminishes reluctantly
Like the shy bride unveils

The cold wind that kissed my cheeks closed my eyes
Sun seemed to bid good bye whispers in my ears
And I smiled

There went a trail of thoughts in the mind
Agony and high expectations are like friends hand in hand
Peace and low expectations another pair so joyous

Hopes resemble those blooming flowers
Spring awaits those new triumphs
Fondness is that tool

It cradle your thoughts like a baby
That sprouts into new dawn, new hope, new wish
Life blossoms into laughing flower

New dawn demonstrates smiles and promises
Again to end in a dusk
That which seems dark and painful like agony yet promises cheers.