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Gulfi's Rainy Day

Distant flickers of puffy clouds as they crawled in on the blue mat of sky dawned to me about my reading the weather forecast on the weekend. There were rains, "good rains" expected in Doha on Saturday. Much awaited indeed. Hail rain in this desert. It is not uncommon for we Asians here in this part of the Gulf to exclaim in much overwhelming gesture about a welcoming rain.
I am not less than one crazy creature on a rainy day here in Doha. On a lighter note can say it's silly to be so mad on seeing rain perhaps but this is "Gulf".
I do not have pictures please. Have this words as all.
An absolute unending downpour the whole day leaving the sensitive bitumen lay ed roads of Doha wrecked. They are not rugged & designed so well for  rains. These roads  are perfect mirage providers. Yes it was an one mark question that occurred in school time tests "what is a mirage?". And only as I drive on the Doha roads in mid summer did I see there is a real beauty in it too. As I drive at 100 k mph I get the creepy feeling there's water a little ahead. It doesn't turnout to be. A little ahead it is, there's is water, so it goes on throughout the drive with ultimataley scotching heat only.
Rains are a boon in this city. December is month that generally sees some rains before the winter shoots in full swing banging the weather to a zero Celsius of the midnights.
Wish  the rain could wash some of the uncouth realities of life too. That it rains and everything starts looking so bright and nice in life. How true. Does it not revitalise your adrenaline to new tunes of liveliness and vibrancy. Everything around you looked so full of life that day but could not help the thoughts of the torrents of rains in other parts of the world that is so unwelcome.
I bet people dwelling in parts of world like India would appreciate a dead opposite scene. Specially the coastal Southern India where the rain god has been too generous.The lashing rains has devastated the people calling for causalities, material damage.
As I could not withhold exclaiming about this day to my India guys there was hardly any reaction from there. Understandable. Dad retorted" OK". That's all!! It is actually raining know. huh. Only we felt the depth of it. The much awaited moment. Specially for our children who are brought up here and do not understand the India rains at all. I was glad my daughter wrote her first verse as she galloped in her room with all windows open and embracing the water sprinkle against her window.
Yet one rainy day was a pleasure and welcome scene for we Doha'ites. And aah as I write this post two days later it is raining again outside. I just love it.
Hail Rain.


  1. A very sweet post! Your daughter penned her first verse.. great! Your write up also reminded me of Madonna's great song.. 'Rain'!

  2. RahulJi you are a bunch of encouragement for me. grateful to you. my little daughter, yes, says "I want to become hindi author".

  3. I loved this post. It really gave the feel. Sometimes there has to be scarcity to know what abundance means. You are fortunate you can enjoy the rains with so much depth unlike those who have rain in their lands in abundance :). Wish you more of rain

  4. Pretty delightful moments in Doha, I wish its still.
    Mirage definitely tells us, what a prankster nature can be!

  5. Harish G: yes Doha always sees extreme climate changes.
    Jerly: thanks for wishing -yes rains mesmerizes us here

  6. In Delhi we are no strangers to a mirage - the city's searing heat makes sure of that!

    And I love rains as long as it's not me caught in a nasty traffic jam:)

  7. @Purba: I have felt the sept heat of Delhi in 2006 but was unaware of the mirages too!


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