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Gulfi's Rainy Day

Distant flickers of puffy clouds as they crawled in on the blue mat of sky dawned to me about my reading the weather forecast on the weekend. There were rains, "good rains" expected in Doha on Saturday. Much awaited indeed. Hail rain in this desert. It is not uncommon for we Asians here in this part of the Gulf to exclaim in much overwhelming gesture about a welcoming rain. I am not less than one crazy creature on a rainy day here in Doha. On a lighter note can say it's silly to be so mad on seeing rain perhaps but this is "Gulf". I do not have pictures please. Have this words as all. An absolute unending downpour the whole day leaving the sensitive bitumen lay ed roads of Doha wrecked. They are not rugged & designed so well for  rains. These roads  are perfect mirage providers. Yes it was an one mark question that occurred in school time tests "what is a mirage?". And only as I drive on the Doha roads in mid summer did I see there is a re…

Mamma-Iam the Rapunzel

It  was exactly three weeks ago my little daughter returned home [flashed in is the right word for the speed that she enters] too excited "Mamma I am the Rapunzel in the Skit being played for the School Annual Day". " Look at what you did to my beautiful hair"-she was cross with me . Because of chicken pox boils on head this summer I had snipped off her hair! She has always marveled long hair. The new Bob- Style made her enthusiastic. She dressed different, combed different loved her new hair do. Alas! This Rapunzel skit and she plunged back into plan 1. Long hair is nice!
Now with Annual day preparations just round the corner, though the skit is a suspense to parents J [J-my daughter for you] recites all her dialogue with her accent, gestures and vibrancy. A part of the skit goes like this: J[Rapunzel playing with her long golden hair, sitting at the window, sad]: "Ohhh how I wish I had an I-pod so I could listen to some music". One day the prince passing by…