Monday, October 10, 2011

The Dream

My blog's [my second baby's]  first Birthday it was on 3rd Oct. But I preferred to call it our first anniversary. Every espying eye of my hubby on me blogging, affirms to me the non verbal message if I am more loyal to my blog now. He is not less a bit when it comes to humour.
Writing soothes me and brings peace into me. I took ages to discover how I cherished writing. Was like finally swallowing the gulp that remained in between the jaws. One September 2010 summer afternoon  was the day of final verdict. The thoughts that inevitably prevail in my mind..are worth downloading on this page to share with some who might admire it after all.

Long ago  I had a dream
for my thoughts it was the cream
I suspended it recklessly
And thus grew the barrier between me
and my dreams
like deep thin stream
My unconscious mind still chased my dream
I had to travel past the stream of gap
for the yearning was yet to tap
Through the long dark passage
so also increased my age
The dream was to be realized
the narrow gap to be crossed
to reach the brighter big destiny
As my writings erupted
did I triumph.
Today being Dussehra evening we had assembled for a ceremony of "Haldi Kum Kum".  Inevitably as the hot topic cracks in we talk about the foren visas. Have you been to chicago? NY? Ohhh the canadian view of Niagara is fabulous. Have you shopped at the Childrens Place for your kids. Yaya I still get emails from Childrens Place an year later shopping there too............
The Real festive mood is the one that happens only and only in our INDIA.
Today evening, after hustle bustle of the evening ceremony, legs gave up all the energy,  mind filled and thrilled with mixed feelings, multifarious thoughts juggling , felt like I had extra doses of tequila. Within seconds got into deep slumber.
It was a festival day. religious mood. everyone busy with traditional errands.

All around you hush and shush
But you are busy and in rush
You are running around
Finishing up all errands

- "Literally smelt the fragrance of the fresh Mangalore Jasmine that was neatly laid on the shining steel tray. Aah, I needed to sort some of them and place few in refrigeration. I was busy discussing things with my mother next in the kitchen. With quick frequent nods and all gestures. The maid servant buzzing around was seen with her wet sari, dripping now and then. My sister was around waiting instructions from me. My daughter showed flashes of appearance in between as she romped from in around to out of the house, wearing her new silk gown. Hubby darling stuck to the open window with the black Berry on his ears. Both the ears and the hand set would have turned hot after use. The next door lady appeared near her window now and then for her regular peeps into our house. A sudden thunder and it rained. The feel of the breeze, the smell of the mud energizes the spirits. I almost wanted to run to the balcony to enjoy the rain, I t dragged my legs, squealed and tried multiple attempts but I could not run. "-
Alas, that woke me up from the dream.

My blog  was just another dream, of mine.
The mightiest sword that can subside the fear of not dreaming is the confidence deep within the heart that dare to dream only then will you realize it.


  1. Wonderful! Happy Anniversary and wish you a very joyous life ahead :)

  2. Happy Aniversary! Good luck hope u become as famous as Mrs De nd Preeti Shenoy! BTW 3rd is also my B'day!Hmmm.....Hey I was meant to be your follower!!!! G Luk!

  3. Enjoy reading ur post Sushma! Best wishes to ur family, specially to ur lovely daughter Jui!

  4. Wish you a very Happy Anniversary. Nice post :)

  5. Congrats and All the best for coming year

  6. Congrats and Best wishes for many more. Poems were great! I liked the lines: As my writings errupted, did I triumph.
    Yes festivals are so different and make life colorful. Happy Dusshera and Diwali.

  7. Hi Sush,wishing u a very happy anniversary ... keep writing.