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Yearn For Company

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Females love to talk! Yeah? Any arguments  Naaaa not me. I have given up debating on this. Is there an end for a start on it? Who doesn't long for a company eh?  Urge for an company is lured by any human being, any age, any time. For a chat, for a laugh. For a life! My happy young colleague always wails " Kya life bhayye without wife", as usual followed by my question to him "get married soon will you?".              
This girl in the picture sits alone on the outside of her house at Gokarn. As I passed by she giggled. Amused at this, I threw her an Smile, I ran my hands though my bag, found some stuff  my heart wanted to gift her. She was taken aback. I convinced her I liked her smile. I wanted a picture of her. What a glow that brightedned upon the sweet face.
"What are you reading"? I asked.
 "Taranga" magazine came the reply. Our tiny chatting moment ended with few exchange of information. Where in I learnt she cooks, cleans and guards her house as her parents work outside & return home later. She longed for a friend! Someone to have a quick chat.
"I watch the foreigners". Wish I could mimic her accent [for-en-ers]. It seemes so sweet though. Watching different coloued people walking past the lane [as is Gokarna famous for] was her past time.
"I will get married soon and that will end my boredom" she informed me without my direct question on this very matter. How longing was that voice for "just someone to talk to". 
The thoughst on longing for a company begins here.

Nostalgia is like a grammar class. You are in present tense but the past looks perfect, "past perfect"!
The seductive, desperate yearning of the past looks so very sweet as we walk down the memory lane. Just like chewing the cud over and over. But here the sweetness persists.
The memoirs of the 3 girls who were once classmates, neighbours, best buddies. Were notorious as "fevicol gum" friends in school and college. A small piece of fun they shared together. Laughed together. As is well a established rule the teenage girls shared all thier joys and wearies. One tiny world of their own in this small world did they live in.
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Outdoors games apart like shuttle badminton or anyting, these girls loved to cycle down about a kilometer or two towards the hilly green shrubby area outskirts of the housing colony they lived in. They might talk till their jaws ached. Silly to Sallu [Salman Khan] to anything and many things. A fancy they would take for the Nancy Drew, Bess and George the school time  favourires. Comparing themselves into the characters with one an athlete, one plump and other left to be an imaginary detective! The green small jungle still had some foxes and peacocks and jungle cats. One tiny hill atop was the favourite set up venue. The very green look, the air still sitrrs in my mind fresh.
I have loafed into this air with the other 2 girls! I will share some beautiful green pictures of "that hill" in future posts soon. My best pals from Manipal.
I was reminded of them after my encounter with my Gokrana giggling lady in her teens. I slid myself into her shoes off and on. Like the "lights- camera - on" "cut" again and again and again.........


  1. :) I have never been to Gokarna but i have heard a lot about the place. The girl, she seems too young for marriage. But I do hope she has a happy married life.

    I love the past pefect analogy about nostalgia....

  2. Very nice, reminded me of my friends.... we all have such memories... sigh....

  3. nice post, filled with wistful yearning

  4. sweet,where in gokarn did u click that picture?nice post

  5. Aren't we all longing for some company? We are in a hurry to exchange one stage of life for another in the hope that our boredom would vanish with the new stage. Nice post.


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