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Some College Times Blah Blah

Abundant pieces of memoirs like some described below string up into a beautiful memory lace. That I adore to tie up on to the mind each time I walk down the memory lane.
How many jokes are not being circulated about professors, their usage of English and more. The most common one being a lecturer telling "student please keep quiet, the Principal just passed away" for which I can still roll over and laugh. BUT if narrated humorously. There are methods to even joke and tell one.
Some peppy moments / real time incidents I share here:
Chemistry with my chemistry Professor: My Chemistry professor in plus 1 and plus 2 [11th and class 12] was one who was not fluent in Kannada and our laboratory attender was one poor in English  Their communication was bits of entertainment  amid-st watching chemical reaction and shaking colourful test tubes. That day we were using the "Bunsen Flame" and the gas supply was being monitored by lab attender. Since there was a gas fluctuation my professor told him in Kannada " ರಮೇಶ ಗೆಸ್  ಬಿಡು   ಅಣ್ಣ". An correct translation in english :"Ramesh please leave some gas". This bit of fun was enough for the entire class to hoho and hee hee, giggle and glee and make enough noise.
This was the time when I had grown little naughty and tom boyish. Was a basket Ball player too. So as the important matches were nearing I stopped doing my chemistry homeworks. Why? Because first thing he told was " Sushma please stay out of my class". And promptly I would get into the basket ball ground with other "outstanding students". This was the term my high school kannada teacher loved to use for some boys who spent more time outside the class than inside. 
Now my chemistry with this prof did not end here. Years later I met him in a railway station with my husband and daughter and my joy knew no bounds when he recognized me in spite of forgetting my name. I prayed for him in my heart. He seemed so old. And after few months came in a email from my friend in Singapore saying she heard about the death of this professor. I did feel sad and did tmention it to my dad also who laughed and told me " my dear I met him last week in Manipal, he is fit and fine". Now my laughter burst out like demons's. P.S. Did not forget to fire my friend for the false news!
The O.K. Professor for biology:  He was short and dark and not at all strict. The biology period was the one to relax, sleep, finish other errands...etc etc. He had a habbit of using "O.K" in between repetedly and too frequently. And promptly we had named him as O.K. "X"[ X -refer to his name].
That was O.K!! but the fun was in this style too. His arms and legs moevement showed signs of his knowing classical dance. Like in the movie " Hum He raahi pyaar ke " of the 90's Juhi Chawla delivers a dialogue "Tum train mein paida huve the kya? Hile bina baath nahi kar sakhthe". Hilarious. Even today his picture as it flashes in my mind I find a faint dance postures  in the huge classroom of 78 [psss: my roll call being 72] with the O.K O.K....


  1. I wish I was back in college! Brought back memories of giggling uselessly! Very nice and thnks for refreshing my mind!

  2. nice one,brought back memories of college days,i can enjoy this post more coz i too learnt from the same teachers.those days were really wonderful,i also remember that our maths proff used to say,last benchers can sleep i dont mind but plz see that i dont hear ur snoring i get disturbed and the way he scolded...monkeeeeey braaaand.

  3. Oh, I can't help thinking of my college days. Missing them. And Yes, Even I came across one Staff who used to Say Ok after every word. we even once counted the number of times she said OK in one hour. lol

  4. I really enjoyed reading the post. It was really a humorous one.

  5. haha..awesomee!

    I am living the time of my life in college these days..and d best part is am conscious about it so i ll live each moment to the fullest :)



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