Thursday, August 25, 2011

As I waited

Sitting in a corner,
Like a loner,
I lay pondering over your thoughts,
You dint turn up after all my waits.

Expectations burnt inside me with glare,
Seldom for which do you care?
Vacant seats filled up with all couples,
The noise of all talks and many chuckles.

Time fled in silence yet,
No signs of you, but,
My eyeballs raced, door to the podium,
Awaiting a figure, if at all you come.

My heart wept, not eyes,
As I waited, For You.                                                              



  1. Lovely poem. Loved the pic. As I waited...sounds just fine.

  2. Nice one.... Waiting is painful and enjoyable at same time, isn't it?

  3. I have so many thoughts, depending on how I interpret the poem. The first thing I thought of on reading it was the picture of the labrador lying under the flag-draped coffin on his military master at his funeral, and thinking this way, I'd say simply 'Grief'.

    But for a broader interpretation, I can't do better than F Scott Fitzgerald's book title: 'Beloved Infidel'.

  4. Just WOW!"Time fled in silence"....superb imagination..

  5. quite emotional Sushma! Wish the lady see the expected figure coming.. soon enough :)

  6. Hey Sush, am glad you are writing poems again! Nice one. The caption is at times not important, but 'As I waited ..' is fine. or you can try The Lady in Waiting maybe ? Whatever, its your poem and your blog! Keep writing!

  7. the longing and the wait for your beloved. nicely put up.