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Ingredients of 50th post

Body exhausted, tummy famished, so was the mind almost. Yet, today evening as I walked home from work I had decided I wanted to complete my 50th post. The tea that my cook made had a spoonful of sugar more than normal, but that's how I like it too. 
So perhaps the extra dose of sugar made the trick.

Past fortnight was interesting on personal front. Birthday of my little one, My new office, my new cook at home and so on I go. 
Oh No-Don't Worry I will not crib on this now- read on further for the real interesting stuff I write

The comparison of the B'day event:

My daughters [J] 7th B'day turned out be great fun with all kids joining hands having fun. We have to admit that their  exotic frolic does pin us envious. I was always fondly promised a beautiful clothing each B'Day  mostly stitched by my mom. J this time had seven sets from Thailand gifted by her dad all for a B'Day. Huh. the image and aroma of the home made cake baked my my mom still fumes in my mind. This time J's cake was a "Barbie" herself. The cake box occupied entire 2 setas at the rear of my Land Cruiser.  Enough space indeed. Rest of the rear filled up with the big bags of return gifts. Way back home this being replaced by her B'day gifts by 35 friends! The popular Mc.Donald B'Days are definitely so tempting to any adult too. Somewhere I feel it is more of a ritual especially in the middle east when you hear some one saying, 'Oh we havent planned anything this bday for our child, so it will just be an Mc.Donald party for kids". No offense- dear friends of Doha. We love it anyway.

The new job for me is being nice, challenge and interesting. New faces, New Mumbaiya boss to handle! Huh. All new. Only relief is the new cook at home for me as a big boon in maintaining my time schedule.

Summer's flaring up here in middle east and most people are busy planning holidays outside this zone. Most India flights are flying full already. So much so that we find the "air-port signal' blocked in particular timings especially weekends. Indians are running home for the rains. Alas, we are stuck here this summer rewinding memories of the America visit last summer. The frosty  NY weather still seems so fresh and tempting.  
Now awaiting the holy month of Ramadaan! Being an Arab country the holy month of Ramandaan sees people religiously and promptly fasting and praying most of the time. The main attraction being the reduction in work timings to half. A month of relaxing at work.

The very thought injected more energy into me tonight to finish this post successfully. Here I complete just 50 posts in the 8th month of writing my blog.

Signing off
Sush, Khush.


  1. That's a beautiful blogging journey of 50 posts in 8 months!! wow!!

    the cake looks so nice :) belated b'day wishes to J! me too awaiting the holy month of Ramadan! mainly for the beautiful Fairs and Sales you see everywhere at night!! the night life gets so lively during the time! :D

  2. best wishes in your blogging journey ahead!! :)

  3. Congratulations on your 50th post.
    And I am the first person to comment. Ye!

    I visited Egypt during Ramadaan and it was a fantastic experience. Have a easy month at work and do post more.

  4. Congrats! on turning 50 (for your blog) :P
    Thats a lovely cake. Wish your daughter a belated Happy B'day and you a lovely week ahead :)

  5. Congratulations to you and your daughter

  6. Congratz for your 50th post and the cake seems lovely! **drooling** :P
    And belated budday to J!

    Keep posting dear! :)

    Indie! :)

  7. Hey Sush-Congratulations! 50 not out and still growing strong! Best Wishes for your blog and everything that you do!

  8. hey congrats on ur 50..nice post :) and m a follower :)


  9. Congratulations. Happy blogging.

  10. 50th post! incredible! keep going!
    it made me double chk on my 50th post :)

  11. Congrats Sushma on your 50th post!
    Me too nearing the 50 landmark..:-)

  12. Congratulations. many Happy returns of the day. best of luck for 100 post!


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