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All for these nuts

If you have looked at the photograph below already you will have to read through my tale for the links. 

Gulfi's life was one post I had written some time ago and I did receive compliments saying it were nice, informative, interesting etc and etc.
Now the living here in middle east is quite different. The law makes it very difficult for us to bring in people above age 65 into here on a visit visa. And what excited we were when finally we managed to get one for my FI L[father in law] aged 75 last January. Yes. But along with it came a challenge. He has a addiction can say  when it comes to chewing his daily "paan" after meals along with these arec nuts.  They aren't banned being brought here, yet major quantities do matter. And that issue was solved somehow. 

Here goes a picture of the "arec nuts" being dried under summer sun in a village in Mangalore district. 
The arec nut fields form main bread and butter for many farming families and they live on this, They sell at decent prices in local markets too.

I dedicate this post to the A-Day of round 9 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.


  1. What an interesting post for the A Day! And I always love learning something new, which I just did! Hope your week is going well, Sushma!


  2. Very interesting. I'm glad your F-i-L was able to finally visit.
    That's a lot of nuts in your photo.

  3. Well this is a new nut for me.

    We lived 27 years near orchards of almonds and walnuts.

  4. I always like reading the backgrounds of the story.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I have seen the same scenario back home before. Nice!

    Please come and see someArt Expression at my page, thanks.

  6. informative take on the theme

  7. Nutty post ;)
    Lucky you, you could get your FIL there. Had you not told that it was a pic of nuts. I would have mistaken it for large gravel stone coz the way it has been laid out.

  8. What an interesting post. Thanks for joining us.

    ABCW Team

  9. Wow Sush! Even I love the 'Paan'! When you are out of India you love to eat those things, and they taste the best here only! The first two things I ate when I got of the plane from abroad was 'Biryani and 'Paan'-Calcutta patta with 'katri supari'!Ha! Ha!

  10. Glad all liked this post. Big Thanks to all.
    @ ashwini- me too!!biryani and paan r my fav.

  11. Gosh ... I wonder if he'd have been allowed to bring areca nuts into the UK? I suspect not!


  12. interesting...lovely pics...

  13. wow... i have never seen a nut field! this is very interesting!

  14. Nice to see an arecanut harvesting picture, seems somewhere in puttur area

  15. This is such a nice and interesting way to share about nuts. Anyone from India who is a paan fanatic would agree to that. You have my vote. Following your blog. You may like to follow mine.
    Barkha Dhar

  16. Deguide: You are close- This is @ madanthyar in belthangady

    @ Barkha: Welcome to my blog. Glad you liked it.


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