Saturday, June 4, 2011

Niagara It Is

Uhhh Niagara it was....Few minutes is all it took to us pinch ourselves, feel the cool, realise. Finally there at the enormous   NIAGARA Falls.

He just seemed like the enormous demon mouth wide open, water gushing out like never to cease. The misty air it backed around itself like the water fairy or the misty mermaid dancing above waters.
The night fall ruled on the waters turning  it into a rainbow coloured ribbon that surrounded the water falls. Our gaze fixed at the spot for hours together. Automatically and constantly we mumbled about...It was jubilant. It was a a beauty.

One night view that I could not stop admiring. The light performed the trick after all yet, it made certain impact. Dint it? It turned the water  into milk falls. Amazing is the only word I can deliver. Words times they too don't. Yet it began here. "It" was the urge to write...urge to create memoir. The glowing of idea...Idea of blogging began this day.

Clear winter morning view of Niagara.   
                                     I dedicate this post to the N-Day of round 10 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.


  1. Wow....gr8 pics Sush...loved them :-)

  2. just one thing that came to my mind after looking at these pics - i wanna be there!!!

    byw, for text on pictures the easiest way is to open ur image in paintbrush (adobe photoshop), add a text box and type in the text. you shd remember to save the image in jpeg format.

  3. thanks Subs.
    Anu- s..its just awesome. even after an year exactly after the visit I feel the air around me

  4. spectacular images!!

    brought back fond memories.

    thank you.

  5. Superb pics... Its one of my destinations

  6. Very nice!Wonderful thatyou could be there!Brought back my memories of going to Victoria falls in Africa. If you should ever get a chance do go there, you will love it!

  7. I LOVE NF> was there last summer!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Wow, so beautiful!

    Hope you can come by and see my NooK, thanks!

  9. Hello.
    I too have visited Niagara Falls. You feel the mist and smell that scent miles before you actually reach the Falls. I have yet to see another sight this magnificent. Looking at the water had me mesmerized. I often wonder where all the water comes from and where it all goes. You are right too about the Falls at night. The light display is out of this world. I'm glad you got to experience's certainly memorable. Nice photos Sush. Thanks for sharing.

    No Meaning

  10. Wonderful photos! It must be pure magic!