Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being Dumb

Vijay Menon tagged me into this upon my suggesting and here I stand dumb.

Here goes a list of proof of dumbness. Some nice, some silly, some boring, some sick...........goes on

1. Recently one after dinner eve, I was so dead tired that I headed with the cup of horlicks[milk] instead of my daughter to my husband and....huh

2. I had some guests first time at home whom I offer a choice for tea/filter coffee. They wouldn't mind coffee and back in kitchen I find ; hump; coffee powder over and ....huh

3. Years ago, [in my teens] it was a family picnic at Murdeshwar[heavenly place in Karnataka]. All busy eating. Mom wanted to take my little sis to loo and strictly told me to take care of her plate. So busy in talking that I dint know when the waiter took off the half eaten plate from just beside me! silly. eh?

4. An early bird to rise. In class 10 i was, busy studying at 5am. I was instructed to hand over Rs.100 from cash box to milk-wallah. Few days later only did my dad find a Rs.500 note missing when I realised what i might have done that morning. Those times 500 did mean lots.

5. First job interview in Doha after landing here. My CV was distributed like sweets by many. Not knowing how this interview came my way I straight asked my would be boss about it. He burst into laughter thankfully and I was hired.

6. My early experiments with cooking. I was at Mumbai for my industrial training. Cooked my Sambar[South Indian curry cooked with vegetables and Dal and spices]. My uncle rushed home early [from B.A.R.C where he was head of chemistry division] for scrumptious lunch only to realize I hadn't used Dal at all in my Sambar.

7.  Last point, i want to be little wise and stop listing my dumbness now:-)

If anybody liked this dumbness let me know. Someone want to be tagged, also is welcome.


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  1. Now the bigger question- you or me ??
    who's superior? :P