Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manipal Rains

It poured cats and dogs.
She loved it as heart sang,
Oh rain dont go away rain,
I like the wind blow, the water flow.
The rains...let it pour, I love it to its core.

From heaven poured happy showers.
Of which the green member too is a lover. Wee, sings the tree, in mirth.

Poor Peahen,
Lost in rains, wonder when.


  1. Thats beautiful Sushma!!! the pics are so nice :) giving a cool feeling seeing them in the middle of this hot dessert i am in!!

  2. and rain is always been my special love :)
    check out this post i had made about rain last month!! :)

  3. Beautiful! Looks like the little princess really had a wonderful time! :))))

  4. Guys- This post was pending for long. U made it worth today. thanks all.tnx to thursday theme water/rain :courtesy magiceye.

    @cinderella: I shall check ur post. And as I write this post Iam only an hours drive away from u dear! in the hot desert too.
    @arti- sure s. she behaves mad in rains.
    @deepak:if u say so, i believe in your eyes!tnx again.

  5. yea..i know you are also in a dessert!! thats y i mentioned that :) i have seen a post of yours about Doha Corniche!!

  6. lovely pics...reminds me of my childhood

  7. it rained in delhi making the weather pleasant....loved the pictures...its a beautiful place...

  8. @ Subs: Indeed nice. I saw tv-news about delhi rains. Finally.

    @ Deepthi:- Welcome to my blog. glad this post brought in joy and memories to you. Keep in touch.

  9. hi sush, no prob with audrey's blog. But tell me which is better wordpress or blogger? Many are going to wordpress.

  10. Ash- I login either google or blogger. Only in Audreys case the word verification repetedly appears and I cannot comment at all.

  11. Beautiful shots. It is really fun to get drenched in rain.

  12. Love this. The rain is so nice :). And the young lady is a sweetie too!

  13. Beautiful shot! And the verses also. :)

  14. Lovely pics and your daughter is a little princess :)

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