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The children played

A bunch of children played.
Quite as many as a dozen sometimes. One could catch these romping horses each evening.Outdoors. As an united gang.
Identity: Majority of females with few males too. All went to school and under 15.

Row houses / rows of trees. Jumping between compound boundaries was their custom. Hide-seek their favourite game. They hid anywhere & everywhere. Territory included someones terrace, between another's guava tree branches, garage....Screamed at top of their voice to be audible to everyone of the gang.
Seldom mischievous. Never destructive. Crawled like lizards on walls, scared the squirrels on the trees, chased snoopy the catty and many more. Street dogs hated this gang and never wandered anywhere close to these hurricanes!

In small territory , they bustled covering miles. Screeched at top of their vocals;  sweated piggish; called each other names like 'fatty, swollen cheeks, egghead, duffer'; made faces out of anxiety; also seldom banged and bumped into quarrels. It was as if a custom!

If one mother called out for a message, some other would be there receiving it. If one hid across some kitchen wall he/she would not forget to retort "aunty what are you cooking" and vanished before the aunty recognised the child.

Someone washing clothes on the big black  antique washing stone would suddenly find a thud landing of a ball in front of her!

They spent time bamboozling people with their hoax stories for april fool.

Nice bunch, a naughty bunch!

Two Little Boys Sliding Down Fire Poles - Royalty Free Clipart PictureThree Little Girls Playing Ring Around the Rosie Royalty Free Clipart PictureTwo Children Sit Back To Back with Their Hands Raised In Front of Their Faces Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Nostalgia -nostalgia- Instances narrated revolve around my school days.
 I-  Yes- I was a part of the gang. Generally the gang leader. The row houses was the colony where I spent my childhood. Snoopy was my sisters catty. My playmates I still cherish. Every member of that gang is spread across the world today, many on Face Book!

I always link the post to the origin of the idea. Today my 6 year old went to play pen, climbed stairs with friend and played "Rapunzel"!! This is the era of barbies and Ben 10. Best man made air conditioned luxury play pens! And modernised games composed of fairy tales.....where every dream comes true!

Link to all photos I picked up:  fotosearch via google.


  1. Wow. Memories revisited.. Its a nice feeling, ain't it? And somehow i feel, facebook is playing a large role in uniting long lost friends.
    Beautifully penned.

  2. Indeed nicest feelings Deepika. Glad you liked. Thanks.
    And fb- yes is a boon. Very nice knowing u.

  3. Hi Sushma, You are becoming a prolific blogger and thats a real treat for us. I am a generation older than you and my childhood saw much more open space (maidan)where one played (lagori, kabaddi, then volley ball and tennis ball cricket)till cows came home. Those memories always remain with me. Thanks for making me remember those days again.

  4. Satish- Iam glad you liked it. Thanks for the inspirations and support.

  5. nice writing,i enjoyed it a lot coz i was a part of the gang too,it brought back memories of those days,running around in the colony,playing stupid games like cow n the tiger till late night and what not..and like u pointed out todays generation wont play like us,climbing trees n all that.its all changed now.
    and thanku so much for writing about my snoopy,i loved him.

  6. Yes, Suppi- how well written is in upto readers to judge but for me the matter means a lot like you said. And snoopy yes, I wish we had atleast one picture of him. Miss u snoopy:-)


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