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Gokarn Visit

Enchanting beauty of the konkan coast, along the South Indian state of Karnataka and Goa with the mesmerizing beaches, hills, the very air paralyses any man on knees with stretched hands towards its  outrageous extremity.....

"Gokarn" is one such paradise in its own magnitude. Known for temples, the history of this place can be found here. in Wikipedia. Our visit here lasted for an evening, a night,& the following morning till lunch only. The flight from Doha's desert to the beautiful Goa, elated our holiday spirits. "Nimmu House"  a popular,  guest house located straight opposite the beach giving us the feel at home attitude excited us.

As we entered our room I got busy unpacking in the closet, Hubby ensured the loo was super clean and nice, and daughter stuck to the open balcony her eyes fixed at the roaring waves beating the big black boulders at the shore. Unusually she was silent, toothless smiles to herself. I decided to leave her alone. The cloudy e…