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Tug Of War

Robotic routines in the recent past left me so anguished that last night that I felt deflated. Outrageous. I hardly spared time to work out some math sheets with my daughter. I wanted to open the floodgates of my minds dam where numerous thoughts had been circling in orbits. The speed went directly proportional to the speed of our routine list of jobs. I wanted to fall flat with my laptop and write. Write write and write.Cherished dream of childhood. The evenings sitting in my home garden I wrote my school times poems. The aroma of the agarbatthis my mother lit after prayers to god, still tickle my nostrils at the very thought. One small Red Diary of mine that holds treasure of my bits of writings, poems and thoughts lies with me, slightly soiled, worn out pages.
Soon after starts the hustle bustle of preparations. There is a paradox always when my daughter says shes so very excited to go to India. But for a holiday only! For her Doha is a home. It so very natural. But our heart longs …

Dancing Silhouette

Dawn to Dusk ebbs the day in silence
As the twilight dances in glory
So does the silhouette of the little dancer

Dusk conquering over the sunshine
Sun diminishes reluctantly
Like the shy bride unveils

The cold wind that kissed my cheeks closed my eyes
Sun seemed to bid good bye whispers in my ears
And I smiled

There went a trail of thoughts in the mind
Agony and high expectations are like friends hand in hand
Peace and low expectations another pair so joyous

Hopes resemble those blooming flowers
Spring awaits those new triumphs
Fondness is that tool

It cradle your thoughts like a baby
That sprouts into new dawn, new hope, new wish
Life blossoms into laughing flower

New dawn demonstrates smiles and promises
Again to end in a dusk
That which seems dark and painful like agony yet promises cheers.

Gulfi's Rainy Day

Distant flickers of puffy clouds as they crawled in on the blue mat of sky dawned to me about my reading the weather forecast on the weekend. There were rains, "good rains" expected in Doha on Saturday. Much awaited indeed. Hail rain in this desert. It is not uncommon for we Asians here in this part of the Gulf to exclaim in much overwhelming gesture about a welcoming rain. I am not less than one crazy creature on a rainy day here in Doha. On a lighter note can say it's silly to be so mad on seeing rain perhaps but this is "Gulf". I do not have pictures please. Have this words as all. An absolute unending downpour the whole day leaving the sensitive bitumen lay ed roads of Doha wrecked. They are not rugged & designed so well for  rains. These roads  are perfect mirage providers. Yes it was an one mark question that occurred in school time tests "what is a mirage?". And only as I drive on the Doha roads in mid summer did I see there is a re…

Mamma-Iam the Rapunzel

It  was exactly three weeks ago my little daughter returned home [flashed in is the right word for the speed that she enters] too excited "Mamma I am the Rapunzel in the Skit being played for the School Annual Day". " Look at what you did to my beautiful hair"-she was cross with me . Because of chicken pox boils on head this summer I had snipped off her hair! She has always marveled long hair. The new Bob- Style made her enthusiastic. She dressed different, combed different loved her new hair do. Alas! This Rapunzel skit and she plunged back into plan 1. Long hair is nice!
Now with Annual day preparations just round the corner, though the skit is a suspense to parents J [J-my daughter for you] recites all her dialogue with her accent, gestures and vibrancy. A part of the skit goes like this: J[Rapunzel playing with her long golden hair, sitting at the window, sad]: "Ohhh how I wish I had an I-pod so I could listen to some music". One day the prince passing by…

Through The Terrific Traffic

This post depicts only my experience in humorous way and means no offense to anything or anybody in anyway.
The traffic lights turned green and all the cars of that row zoomed straight and haulted with breaks abruptly. The Traffic Police diverted the traffic unusually. I was a victim too. Alright. Late home today too. Immediately my daughters tears [crocodile tears] apeared in my mind as I walk home late or work on saturdays.
Drat the traffic of the city. Now that is just the beginning of my tale of the terriffic traffic .
It was not just one diversion that pissed me off. Several ones on the way that made me go round the bush. Was that all. The fuel tank could go empty any time unusually of me as I am a prompt visitor to the fuel station feeding my Land Cruiser on time. In anxiety I turned the air conditioning off perhaps that would help?
I peeked out . Row…

Some College Times Blah Blah

Abundant pieces of memoirs like some described below string up into a beautiful memory lace. That I adore to tie up on to the mind each time I walk down the memory lane.
How many jokes are not being circulated about professors, their usage of English and more. The most common one being a lecturer telling "student please keep quiet, the Principal just passed away" for which I can still roll over and laugh. BUT if narrated humorously. There are methods to even joke and tell one.
Some peppy moments / real time incidents I share here:
Chemistry with my chemistry Professor: My Chemistry professor in plus 1 and plus 2 [11th and class 12] was one who was not fluent in Kannada and our laboratory attender was one poor in English  Their communication was bits of entertainment  amid-st watching chemical reaction and shaking colourful test tubes. That day we were using the "Bunsen Flame" and the gas supply was being monitored by lab attender. Since there was a gas fluctuation m…

Yearn For Company

Females love to talk! Yeah? Any arguments  Naaaa not me. I have given up debating on this. Is there an end for a start on it? Who doesn't long for a company eh?  Urge for an company is lured by any human being, any age, any time. For a chat, for a laugh. For a life! My happy young colleague always wails " Kya life bhayye without wife", as usual followed by my question to him "get married soon will you?".               This girl in the picture sits alone on the outside of her house at Gokarn. As I passed by she giggled. Amused at this, I threw her an Smile, I ran my hands though my bag, found some stuff  my heart wanted to gift her. She was taken aback. I convinced her I liked her smile. I wanted a picture of her. What a glow that brightedned upon the sweet face. "What are you reading"? I asked.  "Taranga" magazine came the reply. Our tiny chatting moment ended with few exchange of information. Where in I learnt she cooks, cleans and guards …

You Have to Go

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you, Until we meet again

Its absolutely time I reminded myself this popular quote as a dear friend's family departs from Doha in couple of Days. We were dismayed upon learning this news. Though the real fact so hits hard teaching us how we go with the flow in life and how we ever cannot simply get so attached to someone whom you will dare not feel like departing with? The interesting part about the beginning of our journey together owes to our  "cloth hanger shopping". Uhh, we[me and Hubby-H] were in deep discussion as to what kind of hangers will suit out new closets. We had just moved into Doha. Felt an figure moved closer to me and H smiling suddenly at an stranger. "Hi, I am new to Doha, heard you speaking konkani and couldn't stop by to say hello". That was the introduction the stranger threw at us, and we were all overjoyed. That introduction led to endless chats. Finding …

Caption to be Sugested

Left to me I would caption this write up as "As I waited"....

Sitting in a corner, Like a loner, I lay pondering over your thoughts, You dint turn up after all my waits.
Expectations burnt inside me with glare, Seldom for which do you care? Vacant seats filled up with all couples, Noise of all talks and many chuckles.
Time fled in silence yet, No signs of you, but, My eyeballs raced, door to podium, Awaiting a figure, if at all you come.
My heart wept, not eyes, As I awaited, For You.                                                               Courtesy Google Image
Cheers, Sush

Mobile Mania

Going back home to Manipal is always fun. To add to it, the luxury of "mummy ke haath ka khaana"[ hindi term to mean- food made by mom]. And the day we are to arrive all my mom  has to do is to make a call to the local fisherwoman for supply of fish! Jai Tata Indicom offers.  She will quote to you over her mobile need to strike the deal for the supply and pay thats it. Makes life easy. Ain't it. More for my mom, yes, in her early 60's this revolution is a big boon. 
Dirt cladded wet saree , sweating  and smelling of the sea, as these fisher women sit in the market howling prices, indistinctingly calling "sisters and brothers"....
This was a scene an era ago. Now the whole scene is revolutionized. Thers not much of sound, but for the vague mobile ringtones.  Social etiquette, Sigh. .....are Ill mannered
Alright, apart from fisher women, there is a gang od Auto rickshaw walla's with mobile phones with them.  I had once spotted one auto rickshaw…


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 22; the twenty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Writing shoots out tremendously by instance to me. The instance when any event, thought mesmerises me, I cant wait till pen it down on my blog. I have been repeting that I can write on any to many things. Memoirs form major part of writings.
As is a weekend , today we made the usual overseas calls to our family back in India and as usual my daughter ['J' for you ] showed all anger on my parents over the phone. She had a reason this time!

Thats exactly what you will read about below and I would call it "her sweet revenge on her grandparents".

April 29th  of 2011 was a much awaited day for me, my husband and my daughter. My parents flew that day to visit us from India. Each year we wait spending time with them, and this time an longer period p…

Recipe of Scrumptious Chanburo

A chinese, mexican dish? Does it sound like one? The most popular "masala puri" pesented in a unique mouth watering form. The puffed rice in its unique masala form presented called "Chanburo" in Konkani language "Churmuri" in Kannada.
This Salesman is found at the Malpe Sea Shore, selling churmuri. Mobile shop can say. The last time I visited Malpe I have taken this shot while eating the scrumptious food that he made.



Puffed rice Onions -  finely choppedCarrots- gratedCucumber- finely chopped Raw mango- finely grated (optional) Green chilies- 2 finely chopped Tomatoes- finely cut (optional) Red chilly powder -1/2 tsp or according to taste Salt to taste Lemon juice to taste Pea nuts- optional Oil -very little [1 table spoon for 2 cups of puffed rice] Coriander leaves- finely chopped for garnishing
Method: Nothing special. All ingredients to be mixed in order, garnished by oil and coriander leaves.

I dedicate this post to the C-Day of round 9 of ABC We…

All for these nuts

If you have looked at the photograph below already you will have to read through my tale for the links. 
Gulfi's life was one post I had written some time ago and I did receive compliments saying it were nice, informative, interesting etc and etc. Now the living here in middle east is quite different. The law makes it very difficult for us to bring in people above age 65 into here on a visit visa. And what excited we were when finally we managed to get one for my FI L[father in law] aged 75 last January. Yes. But along with it came a challenge. He has a addiction can say  when it comes to chewing his daily "paan" after meals along with these arec nuts.  They aren't banned being brought here, yet major quantities do matter. And that issue was solved somehow. 
Here goes a picture of the "arec nuts" being dried under summer sun in a village in Mangalore district.  The arec nut fields form main bread and butter for many farming families and they live on this, They …

Ingredients of 50th post

Body exhausted, tummy famished, so was the mind almost. Yet, today evening as I walked home from work I had decided I wanted to complete my 50th post. The tea that my cook made had a spoonful of sugar more than normal, but that's how I like it too.  So perhaps the extra dose of sugar made the trick.
Past fortnight was interesting on personal front. Birthday of my little one, My new office, my new cook at home and so on I go.  Oh No-Don't Worry I will not crib on this now- read on further for the real interesting stuff I write
The comparison of the B'day event:
My daughters [J] 7th B'day turned out be great fun with all kids joining hands having fun. We have to admit that their  exotic frolic does pin us envious. I was always fondly promised a beautiful clothing each B'Day  mostly stitched by my mom. J this time had seven sets from Thailand gifted by her dad all for a B'Day. Huh. the image and aroma of the home made cake baked my my mom still fumes in my mind. Th…

I love Barbie and Pink

Colour colour which colour do you wish to choose? "Pink" Pat came the reply. My little daughter's [J] room was found painted pink the next day! J [J for Jui my daughter] loves all in pink. All possible things....yes.
Why  of-course this colour is tagged for them. If you happen to see a new born in hospitals wrapped in pink, don't take trouble to know the sex of the baby. Its her. And its him if the wrapping is blue. A distinct colour association methodology begins here in their birth place and the journey continues. So much so that, J cannot digest even a writing pencil in blue. Ohhh its "boys" colour. Huh. two years ago our lovely pet love birds "Ace and Angel" joined our family, entering royally in their "pink cage". Thankfully  multicolored bird feed aren't available to me here.

In this barbie era it isn't surprising J finds fantasy for barbies. A whole lot of them have filled up her room, her mind. Name a item and she has it. Al…

Idiot Box musings

Many parents use television as baby sitter for hours until they wind up their chores. Perhaps the idea isn't bad enough provided the median has been drawn between its nativities? So where and how is that median drawn? 
That title is apt. Ultimate baby feeder indeed.
Don't one of you want to bet this tops any of the family discussion boards. A formal "family peace breaker' which was labelled long back as idiot box. The television set gains more titles and curses today in spite of the strong media information, entertainment that it provides.
Why, it was a panic stroke watching the new television advertisement by Zee-Telefilms productions. They highlight a family checking into a hotel discover there is no Z-TV available and opt not to check in there!
Today the media being so strong and being part of our lives featuring important news and shows also outrageously features such numerous shows that I bet ultimately one forgets to note when he/she has crossed the median an…

Niagara It Is

Uhhh Niagara it was....Few minutes is all it took to us pinch ourselves, feel the cool, realise. Finally there at the enormous   NIAGARA Falls.

He just seemed like the enormous demon mouth wide open, water gushing out like never to cease. The misty air it backed around itself like the water fairy or the misty mermaid dancing above waters.
The night fall ruled on the waters turning  it into a rainbow coloured ribbon that surrounded the water falls. Our gaze fixed at the spot for hours together. Automatically and constantly we mumbled about...It was jubilant. It was a a beauty.

One night view that I could not stop admiring. The light performed the trick after all yet, it made certain impact. Dint it? It turned the water  into milk falls. Amazing is the only word I can deliver. Words times they too don't. Yet it began here. "It" was the urge to write...urge to create memoir. The glowing of idea...Idea of blogging began this day.

Clear winter morning view of Niagara…

Mr.Froggy finds green seat.

As I packed and unpacked, shifted and relocated, I got busy with all my other paraphernalia. My love for plants cant cease. I shifted them too. Offloaded by transport they landed in a messy corner. Only to seem as home for this frog.

I dedicate this post to the F-Day of round 9 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.

See the Sea

See the sea through my eyes. Feel my experience through my words.

Introduction: Malpe  a small town in South Karnataka is renowned for beach, fishery. Has a small Port. Forms a part of the enchanting konkan coast, which I did mention in my "Gokarn Visit" post too.  St.Mary's Island that stands few kilometres away from the shores of malpe is a heavenly place. About 20-30 minutes by ship[passenger trips twice a day] from the shore. Each visit to the island lured us for more. Never to cease natural beauty that attracts a  decent tourist crowd.

Regular city buses carrying local and outside passengers is a common scene. A conductor is seen dangling at the bus-door,  calling out for passengers, by whistling loudest, screaming at his highest vocals and constantly beating the sides of the bus as if it were his drum for the day.

Silhouette of little figure
Ecstatic rush, splashing waves, a happy run
Teeny weeny gal greets waves with  fun.

Roaring waves hands clasped with the cloud

Manipal Rains

It poured cats and dogs. She loved it as heart sang, Oh rain dont go away rain, I like the wind blow, the water flow. The rains...let it pour, I love it to its core.

From heaven poured happy showers. Of which the green member too is a lover. Wee, sings the tree, in mirth.
Poor Peahen, Lost in rains, wonder when.

"Upkari"- From my kitchen

Serve hot, eat at one shot, even a  lot. Let me know, if you give this a shot 1. Not a good cook.
2. I eat to live not other way.
3.Special cookeries are out of my dictionary.
My cooking calibre projected. Yet I present this mouth watering "upkari" that's the pride of my kitchen today.
Recipe: 1] Tindora [ivy gourd, tondli, tendli are few names it is familiar with in India]
2] Fresh cashews Cutting method:-length wise slits 3]Fresh grated coconut 4] Mustard seeds, Red chillies, Curry leaves 5] Cooking oil [preferably sunflower oil]
Heat a spoon full oil in pan. Add mustard seeds. As it splutters, add curry leaves and red chillies[whole,slit or pieces]. Next add Tindas, sprinkle salt. Cover it and cook on low flame. Once the vegetable is cooked add the cashews and cook little more. Just before we put off the flame, sprinkle freshly grated coconut.

Simplest & tastier. It is a common- typical and notable Konkani dish called 'upkari". Easier to pronounce and mem…

Interesting board

Who's stronger, bugs or drugs?

Its all about the diminishing effects of the antibiotics/irrational use of it; and/or the increased mutations of the bugs like bacteria or virus.
Times of India ran a small article here -click this. Do we give up easily today for  infections, conveniently consuming loads of antibiotics? At least this is what I hear and fear is happenning around us many times. Last morning I happened to watch a regional"kannada" TV Channel also featuring a program on this topic. We catch cold, fever,sinusitis often. Just as we feel we are getting better it doesn't. So what do we do. We are prescribed antibiotics. But will "antibiotics" kill virus? VIRUS being main cause for the infections of throat, nose, eyes. They only are portions of our DNA unlike living bacteria which cannot be killed by antibiotic medicines. Hence the target turns out to be the living cells, infections are curbed, and immune system takes over the viral attack after consuming antibiotics.
However it points a…

The children played

A bunch of children played. Quite as many as a dozen sometimes. One could catch these romping horses each evening.Outdoors. As an united gang. Identity: Majority of females with few males too. All went to school and under 15.
Row houses / rows of trees. Jumping between compound boundaries was their custom. Hide-seek their favourite game. They hid anywhere &everywhere. Territory included someones terrace, between another's guava tree branches, garage....Screamed at top of their voice to be audible to everyone of the gang. Seldom mischievous. Never destructive. Crawled like lizards on walls, scared the squirrels on the trees, chased snoopy the catty and many more. Street dogs hated this gang and never wandered anywhere close to these hurricanes!
In small territory , they bustled covering miles. Screeched at top of their vocals;  sweated piggish; called each other names like 'fatty, swollen cheeks, egghead, duffer'; made faces out of anxiety; also seldom banged and bumped int…