Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dear Night's Dream

"shedding off the day's tiredness, I can't keep
crashing on, diving into layers of  blanket deep
locking away my mind in the treasury of sleep

just then do you delve, you dream?
sprawling onto corners of my mind's realm
slicing up treasury into parallel journey to seem

calm and alluring, sometimes beating devilish drum
colourfully nice or triggered by your naughty tantrum
your vivid ways! but those keepsake ones a handful some

the morning rays of the red ball failing to shake you off
at those shrill alarms of the clock you scoff
pray, you stay along if you can make me, only laugh

you manage to accomplish your loot
leaving my treasury hollow, so acute
sleep deprived! my restlessness to you I impute 

my mind carries a sign board none
do not disturb the body in sleeping zone
dear dream, I have no clue, you are a welcome guest or to begone? "

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How About Some Reality This Holi?

If we began believing and following all the philosophy from the white pages we would be scholars by age 18. None of us are born stars either. Certain things in life come by experience. Either your experience or by feeling the experience of another. It is said that burning of your negativity is as easy as burning the pyre of the Holi. Was it actually so easy? I connected my experiences to my determination and decided to practice it this Holi. By burning away my 3F-Three fears (Fear, of failing, falling and trying something new) and let in more colours in life.

How many of us with no aqua-phobia have taken our bold step towards that pounding surf with all our willpower but stepped back at the sight of it rumbling. Did the sound of the waves beat all our will? So it happened that our mind was preset to beat the image of the humongous wave washing the shore but not for that sound it made?

How many of us who have no batophobia (fear for heights) tried to take the birds eye view of earth  from tallest tower yet immediately taken our sight off towards sky calling out oh my God? Wondering what exactly went wrong? I had to go through this plenty of times myself before all the philosophy I had read or the  rosy quotes actually began to make some sense.

Yes, in the past, I have taken a long journey by a slow train that actually went on for 18 hours among the deadliest dacoit haunted route. Yet ironically my dynamism challenged myself, where I had the fear of joining my new assignment, trying out the new routine of life, at my destination.
I have been paragliding over the Arabian Sea for 30 minutes, yet my momentary fear for heights does not sometimes allow me to take the escalator to 4th floor of a mall and I end up taking the elevator.
I can swim swiftly in 16 feet deep swimming pool, yet the gushing oceanic wave sends in shiver up and down my spine as I stand gazing at the shore feeling the salty smell of ocean, with eyes wide open. Such paradox situations have flooded many of my life's adventures and perhaps one of you could relate to some of these too.

Most of my decisions in the recent past have been handy tool already in eradicating my 3F. Giving a big wave off to my routine office work, embracing the most wonderful and responsible job of being a housewife, was a tremendous task. 
In another decade from now, I would be accomplishing half century of my life. Put it this way, it sounded more perfect. Life's tangents are drawn with few spices of knowledge and new experiences.

My willpower found it's own nerves. My each step found it's own reference to a new window. Taking life as it comes following unprejudiced determinations.

In simple words, experience and experiment cannot be replaced by philosophy read repeatedly. This weekend I simply decided I ought to burn the pyre of Holi. Logically flag some negativity off my persona. 

The festival of colours, the end of the devil, beginning of good, the onset of the beautiful spring, right to stay happy always and step off our negativity forever.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1 2 3 Pico

Those coded cognitive toddler stories; Bubbly gestures; Lively imaginations: Their sparkling eyes, innocent charm; Inquisitive and persistent questionnaire - Children

We are all stories in the end. But those unending stories our children paint in their own words,  fill up the blanks of our life to be some of  the finest chapters. Isn't it?

Little fella in action- weaving stories about space characters 

It was last week, a cloudy evening 7pm. I walked in my backyard with my cranky little son, a toddler. And he had so much to express how the moon had finished dinner too early and slept off (hidden) inside the clouds. How it will pee and we all will get rains! I was astonished and added fuel to fire encouraging him to continue. He then told me the sun and the moon do fight a lot too to reach "his house"! Wildest imagination eh?

Some opportunities hit your door right on time. This time it was BlogAdda which introduced me to the complete activity set to foster creativity in such kids. The "Magical Space Adventure" special pack for kids by Colgate-Palmolive. 

It was easy to grab one set for myself. Thanks to super fast BloagAdda. This pack first reached my little nephew. Little "V" let's call him. Just 3 and he's that same fellow who persuaded me, how the little water heater fitted on top of his bathroom wall WAS the "Humpty Dumpty" and apparently I started visualizing it like one too! I was now keen to know what stories waited for me when V lay his hands on these space characters. Hoping none of them resembled me at least!

The box opening ritual, with non stop chatters and valiant efforts seemed to fill his day with lot of energy. All I can say is that I simply relished watching those moments in videos as he opened the box, piled up all the characters. Eagerness overloaded, with his best possible gestures, coded fumblers  and few giggles in between, we managed to get to what V kept saying.

In action

Oh!  What a marvelous time, there was a full cinema in V's  stuttering words though. 

"Those characters really act too smart you know. Do you see the one wearing hoola hoop like didi, is he jelly fish? May will he ever sit in the rocket and go up? And that fellow (Saturn for us) with dabba (box in kannada) is fastest, because he has the dabba with him. zooooo...Night...yeah they all come in night and go in the rocket in the morning. Only the sun is wearing the pappa's sunglasses and he will come in morning. See angie (V named a character!) , he sat on the blue helicopter and went off to see the rocket".
Non stop tales by V filled the entire weekend with unique fun and enthusiasm.

Now that, V is so fond of a TV cartoon character called Shiva, he thinks these space characters borrowed Shiva's helmet. And what exactly do you think they are trying to do? Wait to understand what the 3 year old had to tell. They all sat in the merry go round (the space ship becomes a merry-go-round) and say 123 pico and fly into the sky. Upon asking what the pico thing was about, pat came the answer- "it comes in TV don't you know it"?. Well, my bad. Missed it, but had to google, scratch my head and find this video( the one below) on YouTube to finally understand him and hack his fumbled code. 1 2 3 take off! So much fun. Pico indeed.

See, this is where the children are innocent and intelligent. He connected to the TV commercial he saw, soon after opening the pack of this space characters.

Do you know there is no food  box in the sky. So when debie (another space character named by V) is hungry he behaves just like this".

These little toddler tales can fill all corners of your mind with so much laughter and freshness.

We adults try reading stories from books for our children. But have we ever wondered how much they have to say? How much they have to express on their own? Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin and foster creative problem solving in children. Love them, pamper them and talk loads to them. Who knows, one day few of them would be traveling in the space too.

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fifty Shaded Stand Points

I grew up as a shy town girl. I would puff and pant cycling to the corner store picking odd supplies for mom in my school days. Sometimes I'd rather borrow an onion, or two tomatoes from a neighbour for her. Little did I realize that once I have my own child and when I want an onion from a neighbour I would be booed for it. C'mon how can you borrow "an" onion from your neighbour. It's so not nice! 

Those waagle ki duniya times of my childhood are gone. Now I have to put up with daya behen and Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma. All is well. All is well. It's just evolution dear. I am convincing myself. But there "was" something in the past. Those days were less sophisticated, simple and straight. As you sniff into your memoir you feel that. Don't you?

It perplexes me  much today to basically feel our own existence in this world changes so rapidly. We are open to exotic world tours and talk of learning but we are yet to learn to open our minds to the earth below our feet.

Our rights and wrongs are fixed. Once a right it's always right. My parents balked at boys who pierced one ear and roamed around with glittering stud. I grew up to balk at the women piercing their naval with glittering studs. But it's hilarious my next generation finds it funny when both my ears are glittering gold. I am so not trendy! Err ...I need to be hanging "hoola hoops, tiny buckets or peacock feathers" in my ears and only then I would be fine. I look almost cool when I dress in a skirt but I look like auntie in salwar suit. So what else could one be at 40? Auntie indeed? And so what if one wants to be inspired by Shobha De!

In our own little universe we are so perfect. Our opinions are like fifty shades of grey with rainbow in background. We paint our opinions our way. Half baked or whatever, we are confident we are well in our wells.

We have walked much into the stardom of a high-tech  world that we have different opinions for human element.

It was last week that I was in the supermarket breaking Okhras aka ladies fingers and picking them for the dinner menu. I knew it was a monotonous job and time consuming. So I simultaneously was thinking of another subject. Clearing up few thoughts, wondering how positive thoughts break as easily as the okhras! 
Just then a little child, 5 something, bumped into me. And all my okhras were on the floor. I laughed immediately and wanted to tell her how my little one too is like this. But the mother of the child was so adamant proposing a apology to me from the child. Enough was enough. But my exacting task was fruitless, explaining her let the child be like a child. But you see, it wasn't nice, what the child did! 

Aren't we too far from being nice but super natural human? Cant' we be simple, giggling at silly jokes, fall on the floor with kids and play slide, wee, in the park with your child? Or tickle and prod your friend and laugh loudly? 

Most times I feel we are far from reality. Our fabulous etiquette have unearthed new norms. Your neighbour who rings your door bell without even a prior call is a fool. Whosoever said that is a bigger fool. We have branded ourselves as super human, perfect, new era species, social media expert, thoroughly updated with worlds happenings. We are super experts at flaunting our English language. A fashionista. Fabulous at multi tasks. Super woman and super men. But end of the day, we have had no time to call our folks. 

We are typical much like the "Trivago". So many options in life. We are busy choosing all those to make our life a life which isn't a life without you being yourself. Being yourself is not so difficult. But it's made so, owing to the social evolution. 

But we have our own comfort zones. Getting out of it is presumably the rocket science job. We love to flaunt our ill manners in anonymity. Honk loudly on busy street! Who's recognized you anyway?  But when Bubbly and Bunty visit you you have the best of your manners to flaunt. 

Amuses me for the sobriquet we have earned. "Bloody Indians". We love to be our way. Things have to change. But "NOT ALL". Please. We can only support "Swach Bharath" but I will not stop borrowing a onion or potato from my friendly neighbour. It ain't silly at all.

We are the disconcerted lot. I am concerned  we need to shake ourselves off our flusters regarding the social etiquette and responsibilities and tune up for the fact that it's our attitude that changes the society not the other way. We are all conscientious civilians and model citizens.  Let's live up to it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Marathon Mania's me there..

Believe me, Marathon Mania was very much a commoner's vogue world from the times of Chanakya. Just that world wakes up to it in vivid ways. Right from the Battle of Marathon, and the secrets of the "Raramuri runners(barefoot runners of the South America)" being unearthed, after centuries today we witness run for a cause, run for fun and many such events. Haven't you heard of Boston marathon? Surely about the fancy dress marathons of London? Well, the best one is the Pinkathon of India. The scene is jaw dropping. Thousands of women on roads, running miles and miles with smiles.

Running like few 10 kilometers is not a joke. Phew, it's an abuse to the body is the opinion of few. And there are more than few who appreciate a marathoner.  If injuries is what you are thinking about, be reminded of Philippides. He was that Greek messenger who ran from  battle field of Marathon to Athens announcing the military victory of Persians in the  war , collapsed and breathed his last, right in the assembly.

Philippides had zinged off  over 300 kilometers, at a stretch in two days! Can't you do a few 10 kilometers with all modern amenities? The question I asked myself few years ago. I was beginning to discover the lost athlete in my soul. Lost decades ago after the college times.

Ever since, the long runs have been named after the place Marathon, today it is an entire way of life. We have distinguished clubs to "train" for a marathon. We have an potpourri of running accessories like, pedometer, head band, sweat band, runners pouch, sports watches in variety. Apparels, footwear, electronics, name it and find it. Legacy of Philippides has grown far and wide, tall and strong.

As for me training too is self styled. I am not a fashionista but running "nanage ishta"(nanage ishta=i love, in kannada).
If you found someone spinning around in your community with the few uncles and aunties walking, they have their own tales to tell you like me. That one lady in sports attire  huffing and puffing with the timer on, in our residential community could be me. And I have my own anecdotes. Training sessions are something I look forward to fondly. Every morning alarm though disgusts me for ruining my sleep and dream, I spring out of bed planning the running session!

I am self trained. There's no trainer for me but only entertainer

Now, I say this, because, as I do my rounds in the compound, I come across variety of people. Some walk for purpose, some simply to kill boredom, few run for fitness, and a handful who enjoy the evening weather. People of different nationalities, different views but all wait to smile and each other during our morning/evening strolls/runs.

If you see that uncle in brown jacket, hands tied at the back, please try and give him a jadu ki jhappi. His walking mode is more or less the slow motion video on my phone and it's lovely how he adores his slow motion walks with occasional nods. When my calf muscles yell at me for the abuse, I slow down walk a bit and amuse myself wondering if the uncle's occasional nods do have a purpose or are wind driven. It seems he's more happy outdoors. But there's one uncle whose whistle can be heard like in a 100m distance. He's the one who will greet you with warmth. He's a walker too. But a "walker" whistling all along. Each time we cross by and he finds me walking instead of running, he doesn't forget to ask me "how many kilometers lady" tired today?

Do you believe in good luck ideas? Well, there's this uncle who probably believed walking is lucky for his business deals.  Always see him on his mobile, brisk walk, loud  business talks. Who ever said men can't muti task!

So much about uncles, the lovely aunties were lesser in evening and more in the morning. One of them always decides to praise my run and with my widest grin I stop to make her talk more. Definitely aunties are more honest walkers and better  at multi tasks. They can cover whole lot of subject in a span of 3 kilometers to 5. from lunch menu, the new sale offers in splash, to the "dekha renu ki beti ko, haay ram, chikni chameli jaise kapde aur dance , ooof". This isn't eves dropping folks. When there's so much entertainment that swirls and wriggles into your ears when you run, how could you deny it?

Well, after all these encounters, I gifted my apple i-pod to my daughter and declared I had enough entertainment to inspire me for my training. Yes, I can do it without the music. I had a lot much  one could not ask for more.

After accomplishing every marathon event, and see the medal hung around my neck, I smile proudly thinking of my future self training sessions. Aah, I might have to join a Nike Training Club if I do not have these uncles and aunties of my community in my life, who cheer me up daily.

Run, run for your life. Life is not short. Nor a sprint. It's a marathon itself. 

Life is so Run-derful.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Converses With My Shadow

PS- Selfie

"you are the keeper of my beautiful thoughts

unending dreams of mine that you share

following me amicably, all day long

I ignore, but your determined follow!

you cant tease me by growing taller than me

and sometimes you just vanish into tinier version

simply wriggling in out and around me

at your own will and wish

teasing my naughty soul

your sunny tallness mocks at me

and you slip off into a rat hole when it rains

mountain of support, you enhance my existence

my only soul mate on tougher roads

the strength, whom I can converse in whispers

my doubts, my silly thoughts, perplexes

you never back off even at my betrayal

baffles me, but our unconditional bonding

you are my only friend

follower of my thoughts, rainbow of my life,

where do you hide when I sleep at night?
        or do you prowl upon my brighter morning?
where do you disappear in the dark?

may be the contour of my spine

you shall not betray even my dead soul".