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Doha's Winter Sonata

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My Travel Tryst With The Growing And Roaring Gujarat

"The earth has a music , but, for those who listen" - William Shakespeare.

Why I chose to write a travelogue after long period is, my travel tryst with the "hamara Gujarat"(the term so dear to our Modiji) that is undoubtedly lauded for it's economic success as a model state in our country.  I was left wondering, why did I not be here earlier or spend more time than a week?

Travels for me have mostly been beautiful holidays with my family, right from my childhood till today. I have numerous insights I gleaned while traveling the length and breadth of the country.  And so, in July  2013 , I landed in the hometown of our current beloved Prime Minister, the "Hamara Gujarat". I hardly had a week's time to accomplish a multitude of things. Spend time with relatives, visit popular temples, also explore the land of Mahatma Gandhi and the  amazing secrets of the "Growing Gujarat, the roaring Gujarat".

Landing in Ahmedabad city known as the Mancheste…

The Gift I Chose For My Mom


She has in her, the entire me,
so what can I gift her in my life?
but by being a mother myself.

Attempt a reflection of her essence,
look upon her a role model,
epitome of motherhood.

She has that doll I slept with as a baby,
and  those pieces of papers,
of master piece graffiti done with my little hands.

Her store still keeps my old rusted cycle,
that I once rode and shopped for her,
odd supplies from neighbourhood stores.

She has the school uniform that,
I wore to my first day of school,
on that rainy morning of 1980's.

Even now, her memory retains,
my childhood friends and our pranks,
my chatters and tall tales and mimics.

Those medals and trophies,
I won shine in her shelf ,
that's her pride and  she dusts them daily.

Her collection of antique is,
 priceless bunch of stuff,
kajol stick, comb and paraphernalia from my teens.

Why is it so? that, we chose one special day, to  thank our mother!
I fail to understand.

Dedicate few hours of a year, call it her day,
plant a…

Exploring Beyond The Skyscrapers. Largest Flower Garden Of The World - Miracle Garden Dubai.

"The Dubai" that mesmerizes any tourist, sure has reached great heights in creating records one after other. After the  mega tall sky scraper Burj Khalifa now the "Tallest Vertical Flower Garden".  Yes. 
If all we heard about Dubai was, the haunting sky scrapers; never ending extensive  roads; the sand dunes; camels; shawarma falafels and hummus; and the beaches, then definitely we have missed the winter bloom. This breathtaking Flower Garden called "piece of eden" was announced as largest vertical flower garden by the Guinness Book of records. 
 It stuns you more as it is a challenging mega mission created in the land of sand. It is not a easy task maintaining an area of 75,000sqm with 4 km pathways, 1km height flower walls, and over 50 million flowers for a few months off summer. But Dubai has it all. 
It was thrilling to say am going to Dubai to witness the winter bloom.

Converses With My Mirror

This post is on  Blog Adda for it's Spicy Saturday picks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My tiny world of poetry is just a few words minced with my thoughts. 
We all must have talked to our selves, to the mirror, sharing the heap of thoughts that we stir in our minds. We must have taken that time to release the thoughts in front of the picture that formed when we faced the mirror. Apparently we realize the mirror is the path, from our eyes to our soul through the mind and the heart.

Fighting the battle of, I know you, or, hey do  I know you? eyes started at the mirror, and shut themselves slowly, in pain.
Fighting the battle of, am I you, or you resemble me? the mind  grappled, with a mountain of emotions, facing the mirror, in vain.
Fighting the battle of, you are pretty, or  is your mi…


Deeper than the twilight, stronger than the ebbing wave, sharper than the horizon, colder than the air, prettier than her mind, larger than her shadow, was, a glow in her heart. That glow of  love. Enriched, by his smile.

The Fairy Tale Park Of Doha Calling

Why I Call the "Aspire Park" of Doha as Fairy Tale Land. 
A perfect magical land; enchanting greens; the squirrels and the birds; the duck pond and those quack quacks greeting you with warmth; the green molded hillocks; water springs in vivid forms of fountain and much more.
An exemplary fairy tale park for kids and the adults too. One just cant stop seeing the child in you when you roll down the green hillocks or feed the ducks.
Make your first visit to the Aspire Park or for any other such park in any part of the world and you definitely turn out to be the Alice in Wonderland. 
Children need time and space apart from unconditional love. Our cities have conglomerated with endless suburban development, and many of the vacant plots of children have filled up with beautiful sky scrapers. Often fancy malls, plastic play pens and music and fun. What we truly miss is the open air parks which have their best impact on children.

We all fit in best only in our natural habitats. I would a…